Saturday, February 20, 2010 - 11:53 AM

nagkalat ako sa la salle

kahapon, may diarrhea ako nung umaga.

it was la salle's fair yesterday. i was exited kasi it'll be the first time i'll go in the campus ng legal. we got on our way early, and we arrived in taft at around 11am-ish.

now, just to backtrack, the night before this we ate burger. the buy-one-take-one kind. naalala ko sinasabi pa nung mga bumili na nakakadiri yung kuko ni manong burger person. ako naman si 'ok lang, masarap naman e.'

so yun nga, and ending ko diarrhea in the morning. nag number 2 bago kami umalis. at dahil ako ang tipo ng tao na naniniwalang isang (loperamide) diatabs lang ok na, umalis kami ng bahay na magaan ang loob.

akala ko lang pala yun.

dumating kami ng mcdo taft at kumain. tapos joe met his friends/group mates for some school work. dun na nag-act up yung tiyan ko.

i can say, in my lifetime, never pa akong tumae anywhere but sa bahay. not necessarily sa bahay ko. may mga piling bahay ng mga kaibigan na nana-number 2-han ko. pero palaging sa bahay. kaya nung naramdaman kong kumakalam ang tiyan ko, di ko na alam gagawin.

i wanted to just go to the nearest hotel, rent a room and shit there. para private. pero di ko kinaya. so i had to number 2 sa pinaka-paborito kong kapehan: starbucks.

yun ang pinaka-una kong pagtae sa public place. at napaka-swerte ko nga naman na ang pangalawang pag-tae ko sa public place happened the same day. saan? sa loob ng la salle.

nagkalat ako sa la salle. literal.

ok lang, at least i ain't a virgin to number 2-ing sa public places na.

after i took a dump sa la salle, umayos na ang takbo ng araw.

di man ako nakapag-bungee thingy in fear of shitting accidentally, i was able to sit-in naman sa class nila joe. i even took down notes, para maganda tignan sa planner. i was able to roam around the campus not feeling guilty for once. nakakain din ako ng cheap frozen yogurt, and it ain't bad. fine, fan boy na, but i was able to meet and take a picture with one of my fave volleyball players, cha cruz.

after la salle, pumunta kami kina sam for karaoke and poker. i actually won 50php sa poker game. another first for me.

at sinabi ko nga kahapon. 'this day will go down my blogsite.' and despite the rough (or rather smooth) start, yesterday was one of the best.
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Friday, February 12, 2010 - 11:02 AM

One grande iced white chocolate mocha for you!

yesterday on my way to taft, Starbucks texted me about my application for a barista position. i was excited. matagal ko ng pinasa online yung resume ko sa kanila and i was losing hope na. plus, matagal ko na ding dream ang sumigaw ng "One grande iced white chocolate mocha for you!'

so kahit wala akong damit for the interview (business attire) at kahit wala akong dalang updated resume, sinabi ko sa sarili ko pupunta ako sa interview. kahit 8am pa yan. mnghihiram nalang ako ng damit.

i told my boyfriend and my friends about it, and they were pretty confident that i'll get in. to tell you honestly, i was pretty confident that i'll get in. i mean, sige mayabang na kung mayabang pero i've been on a successful streak. i got hired by JP Morgan Chase last year, tapos nung nag entrance exam ako sa la salle antipolo i passed with flying colors. confidence pare, confidence.

kagagaling ko lang sa interview ngayon. i was asked to fill out a form and then wait with 6 other people for the interview. first group interview ko, but still, i was confident.

the interviewer went in and asked each of us to stand when called and tell something about ourselves. i was called first, and after the usual stuff na sasabihin mo sa isang interview, he asked me one question. yun na yun, isang question lang.

i was pretty sure that i answered well naman. mukhang di naman ganun kapangit grammar ko.

natapos ang interview. we were asked to wait for a letter stating the result of the interview. usap-usap kaming mga applicants. tapos yun na, dumating na siya.

i was expecting a letter saying i got in, but to my horror, i didn't. ok sige, medyo exaggeration yung horror, but i was a shocked.

di ko talaga ineexpext na di matanggap. and out of the 6 other people na kasama ko, isa lang ang nakapasa.

ho em gee. it's my first failure in a very, very long time. para akong nabuhusan ng malamig na tubig. nanliit balls ko. i thought i could do pretty much anything i put my mind to.

inisip ko baka inisip nila na i don't need the job naman. that i am able to get a higher paying job.

pero baka i didn't put my mind into it. baka i got too confident, tapos nakalimutan ko na pwede nga akong magkamali. na dapat iniisip ko parin mga sinasabi at ginagawa ko.

lesson learned: DO NOT BE TOO CONFIDENT!

keep in mind na kahit madami ka ng nagawa sa buhay mo, madami ka pading hindi alam.

so here i am, blog inspired because of coffee na dapat magpapa-energize sakin. at least nakapag-blog ako ulit.

oh well, better luck next time ehjiboy.

i think i shall have a grande white chocolate mocha later. for a venti life lesson learned the hard way.
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Saturday, February 06, 2010 - 7:28 PM


so it has been a while (yeah right, understatement of the year) since i last posted something on this blog.

i mean, man, facebook really did kill my blogging. it's horrible. i don't even know if i can still call myself a blogger, or a writer even. whenever i get a good idea and start weaving together words to express the idea, my mind goes @!@##$@# because of facebook. nagiging facebook status yung dapat blog entry. but i shall try my bestest to go back to writing. for my sanity's sake.

now, about what i am writing about.

my dad pm-ed me through facebook just a while ago. he was asking me to man our shop tomorrow. i said yes. it's quite normal for me to go to the shop on mondays. the strange part is all of a sudden, he asked me to remove his girlfriend from our (my siblings and i) account sa facebook.

ok, i know. that's weird in many different levels. but it just caught me off guard.

i have long ago accepted the fact that my father is living with a younger woman. i have also accepted the fact that he will never live with us again. in the same house, i mean. and about a little over a year ago, i have accepted the fact that i have another brother born from their (dad and girlfriend's) seemingly healthy, unmarried relationship.

tapos biglang ganito?

i am 22 years old, have 5 siblings (one just turned a year old a few months go), and am trying desperately to reach whatever dreams i have left. i think i can say i am having it hard here. i am too tired to go through this father and pseudo-mother break up thing again. am too tired and too old. and i think my father's too old for this thing too. i mean, he should get a grip. dammit.

so anyway, with all that said, i will still tell my brother and sister to remove my dad's girlfriend from facebook. he's still my dad.

screw it.

have a nice day people.
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