Wednesday, January 26, 2005 - 7:19 AM

results are in...

They are in!

I just received the results from our exams, and they're a lot better than what I've expected! Even trigonometry gave me lifts! Good, this means that I'll still be able to get out and about...hehe..

Anyways, the result from the UST test i got just came out...guess what?? i'm on the waiting list… for both of my chosen courses(nursing and journalism). kuso!! now i have this lurking feeling in my it'll drop out or something... tsk tsk.

Anyways, new sched for the new grading period, and our sched just simply kills us...literally! Get this, 4hours and 20 minutes of non-stop breaks! we'll be lucky if we survive the classes without acquiring ulcerates.(^-^)/ waaahh!! This is war! "maki-baka! wag matakot!"

We had C.A.T practice today. More fun for me! The co's gave me this paper full of greeting for my birthday...hehe.. kinda late but I still appreciate it!

We have so much for this and the next week. We'll be having the career guidance program for Wednesday to Saturday and pictorials on Wednesday next week. We have this tour on Friday, we'll be going around the university belt and get to watch a taping of GMA7's Mel&Joey. Some of us will be taking tests for FEU East Asia (I'm one of 'em, we'll be wearing yellow), and some of us will not(red).

Haaayy... FEU's my last resort if I don't get accepted for UP and UST… no! I'll push through for either of them! Yes...

Life is soooo complicated...

happy 17th birthday nadine! ilabyooh!

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Sunday, January 23, 2005 - 2:28 PM

so much to do


i got so much in my hands that i don't even know what to do first... ahh!! (-_- )/

anyways, last saturday our exams ended(finally). we C.A.T officers were tasked to give the C.A.T tests to our privates, both written and practical. the written test got our privates bleeding..hehe.. practical test was the performance for the "Field Demo'. it got better, but not good enough for our Commandant. we had a meeting inside the c.a.t room and discussed the performances of the privates, the lack of excellence.."legacy"..being first..yadah yadah...

we stood for nearly an hour inside the closed, oxygen-deprived room and four of us didn't survive. three officers had energy left to ask for permission to 'leave their post', two because they were getting tipsy, the other because he was having the cramps. but one of the officers just fell down, as in! she was in front of me, and without any notice, she just went falling down, knocking the two tables in front of her, and collapsed on the floor. ang nakakatakot was naka-'tikas pahinga' parin siya on the floor. she had her eyes open too. and according to her, she didn't even feel drowsy, she just simply collapsed.


this was a li'l scary, but this wouldn't spoil our fun... we still went malling! we watched 'Meet the Fockers' and it was hillarious! we ate our snacks in the movie house, though you wouldn't call what we bought 'snacks'. all from greenwich, i bought a solo pan pizza, garlic stix, pizzito, tiramisu, and large drinks. imagine all five of us(brenson,sharie,nadine,rachelle and me) bringing plasticfulls of food inside the cinema. *mmm...yum-yum!*

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- 2:25 PM

..too much to handle(2)...

(cont...too much too...)

anyways, we planned another overnight party. this time, it was me, ems, ruth(the owner of the house) and a katrina! yes, kim didn't make it, w/c made me the only male hunky(shucks! :p) there.

we started the night by cooking the prawn crackers ems brought. this was fun, but katrina kept on dripping hot oil on my hand!! hehe... my contribution this time was junk food and drinks, katrina brought siomai(yay!) and ruth prepared the rice and the sunog na longganisa(peace tayo ruth!)

with the food prepared, we started watching the anime films. the movies were GREAT!!! we watched 'Spirited Away', 'Princess Mononoke', and 'The Cat Returns', respectively. the first two we watched from night to really-early-morning, the other one we watched the following day, during breakfast(fish, rice, and noodles).

after washing, we went and played a little game of basketball. me and ruth VS. katrina and ems. the result was obvious, we won 28-16. hehe.. (^-^)/

we headed for our cribs before 12pm.

it was tremendous fun, and i went home happily tired...

oh, i got a nasty cut because i bumped my head on our roof(imagine how.. :P)...

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- 2:20 PM

these are some pics of what we've watched...

a story of fantasy that brings our heroine into the world of spirits,more specifically, their bath house

Chihiro runs away from the bath house
and back home...

Falling for love...

No-face sits with Chihiro
on the train

a human girl raised by godly wolves fighting againts humans who threathens the safety of their forest.

Mononoke rides her
wolf mother

mononoke and ashitaka

lady eboshi

helping a cat gives a totally different image, literally..

'the cat bussiness office'

Haru-chan goes home...

night light
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Friday, January 21, 2005 - 4:23 PM

Exams!!!(wish wish wish)

i can't believe that i have time for this!! it's our second day of exams, and i'm quite scared of what the results would be.

the exams for trigonometry was a total headache(take it from me). the highest probable grade that i'd get from that test is 83%! aaarrrggghh!!! i'm okay with the arithmetic sequences, but that 'ln of e' thing is just too much for me to handle...

anyways, i got myself into this thing for ragnarok. it's like this, ragnarok would give you money in the game if you get high grades in exams. i registered myself for english and physics. i'm pretty confident with my english test, but physics might pull me down... im pretty lucky if i get 90% or so...sheesh!

last wednesday i delivered my speech. 'Blogging for Sanity', it went pretty well. but i didn't make it to the 1minute line so i'd probably get minuses for that.

just three exams for tomorrow, minus one because WE officers won't be taking exams in C.A.T. so it's just economics and computer...quite not so hard. (^ ^)

wish me luck!!
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Monday, January 17, 2005 - 11:30 PM

tattle tales

our project in filipino got the highest marks from our class! to tell you honestly, we kinda crammed that one, and it was such a pleasant surprise to us that we got high marks.. oh, and our teacher in filipino is leaving us to some new teacher...

`ms. noveras para konsehal` we would fondly cheer(or jeer) whenever we are in the mood for doing so. well, sad to say that we`re not going to have the chance to say that to her this last grading period...she`s redesignated to teaching english 1&2... i would really miss her, i like her(but not the subject that she teaches :p ). she puts so much fun into teaching such a boring subject... and she cried, in front of the class. very emotional, she was, but nevertheless we were really touched...labsyuwewillmishyu!!

debate today. 4saul vs. solomon-david. i`m one of the debaters, and our topic was `resolved:parents today do not understand their children`.

we won the debate, and i feel stupid...yep, stupid, S-T-U-P-I-D!! don`t get me wrong here, i am happy that we won. it`s that i didn`t show my best. Aaaarrrgghhh!! when i think about it, i did half what i was supposed to do. i wasn`t able to show them that i am dead serious about this stuff, and i didn`t show them that i am, well, quite capable of doing good...(huh-huh)

i also feel that i haven`t *lived* up to some of their expectations... wah!!! sana i had done my best...

anyways, another debate was if GMA is better than ABS-CBN. we also won on that one. tsk tsk, the other sections didn`t win a piece(not bragging, just raising a point. :p ).

*Sigh*. i just feel so stupid...

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Sunday, January 16, 2005 - 4:48 AM

making things possible

waahh!! tgal ko ng hindi nkablog..(_ _).ooOO

well, gotta tell you some bits of my week. its been so exciting.

final debaters finally anounced last i don`t know when, and i`m one of them(*jitters jitters*).

we went to our adviser`s crib last friday, she lost her mother to cancer. to tell you honestly, parang hindi burol ang pinuntahan nmin. sabi nga ni ms. cervo, pareho lng ang atmosphere nmin wheter we`re in McDo or sa burol. :P pero in a way we`ve showed our adviser that we care and that we miss her soooooo much!!!

on that same day, i went to my classmate-now-turned-really-close-friend-that`s-what-i-think-anyway, ruth, (^ ^)/ with my other close friends, namely ems and kim. we went to have a sleepover, though you wouldn`t call what we did a `sleepover`. we stayed up TILL (take note) 5AM, could you believe that?!?

ako ung unang dumating, mga 7:30pm na yun though ang calltime is 6:30. hmmmpphh!! kala ko ako na ung pnkalate. pero nevertheless dumatingdin nman cla(after 1 hour mind you!). then it`s time for pizza!!(my treat!) 3 boxes of good `ol papalicious pizza, yum-yum!! (-__-). then we went off and watched Midori No Hibi. Saya-saya.

after watcin(for nearly 7 hours straight), we tried to sleep. pero we couldn`t so we opted to play a `lil game. we had fun readingeach other`s minds, pero ruth`s mom came and told us to get some shut-eye(she thought cguro na kagigising lng nmin).

the following day(or hours perhaps), we got up exactly the same time na magsisimula ung Fruits Basket, that meant more anime for us.

we played basketball around 2:30 pm, pero inatake c ems ng allergy nya(dahil sa ube piaya). kaya we returned to ruth`s house pra ipalipas ang allergy ni ems.(wawa nman si ems, lumobo ng husto! :P )

well, that`s really all of it. i had loads of fun! sana maulit uli kahit hindi na kmi classmates. after graduation, sana we cud all meet together parin and have more fun things to do...

i`ll surely miss them, my family...

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005 - 9:54 PM

of 'being' and other heavenly stuff

we won!

our match againts 4-solomon was cancelled last thursday. we had to play today for the deciding match. our captainball was present this time. i was so excited to play, we had a little warm up that got me started. but here's the 'jahe' part of it: hindi me pnapasok sa start ng game... AARRRGGHH!!

i joined the game only when it was half-way finished... no complaints though. we were on the lead nman. but i just got so disappointed that i only got to hit the ball twice or thrice. no sets and spikes for me this time.

all in all, i got a total score of 8 points in that game(including the sets last thursday) most of which i got from serving... (_ _)..oOO

anyways, my friend tina got me to read this story 'murder mysteries'. it really was good. it's an interesting view of the angels and God. how they function and how things come up to be, His will and our function in the world. trust me, this is such a weird concept!! it has all worldly things in it and all. can't really give you an exact description, you must read it for yourselves.

gave me more things to think about...
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Monday, January 10, 2005 - 5:23 AM

turned 17

wah! my boitday today. im excited bout being greeted by my friends(thanks guys!!), but im not lookin forward to the part where i treat them.. (-.-)/

hehe..actually i don't mind treatin' them out, last birthday ko na naman with them eh. plan on either of these two things, rent a computer shop OR watch a movie...hmm.. (after the exams na me manlilibre)

there's just one thing that happened this day that totally put me out of the mood. kasi naman noh, i had to spend the first subject with the p.o.d... i forgot to pass this reply slip bout me bein' tardy... well, maybe it was my fault, but on my birthday?!? grrrrr!!!!

we had our practice debate today too. 'prove that the government is to be blamed for the country's economic crisis.' i took the negative side... actually i enjoy debates and i was lookin forward to being part of it. but as my prof in english told us who were the participants, i found out that i was not one of them.. but he says that it doesn't mean na they are the ones who'd debate against the other classes...(hoping here..) (^_^)/

c.a.t practice wasn't that bad either. i got to give some 'rewards' cause it's my boitday. and we officers were not doin' heavy stuff either. got to talk bout stuff with my co-officers.

to sum up the day, i'd say that except for the encounter with the p.o.d, my birthday turned out to be o.k! :p

happy half birthday tina!! (~.~)/
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Sunday, January 09, 2005 - 6:28 AM

barely there

turnin' seventeen tomorrow...*yikes*. gettin old na...

my father gave me my gift knina, kasi meron daw cya pasok bukas... haaaayyy... there goes another birthday w/o him. anyways, he gave me a cellphone('bout time too :p ).

watched mel&joey kanina, and there was this one person na he said he joined this singing contest hoping that his mother, who left him when he was just in the 4th grade, would see him again... i kinda can relate to this guy, having a mother who left me when i was just 10, but i don't want to see her again...

yes, that's right, i don't want to see her again. my life was just as chaotic nman with her, if possible it seemed better w/o her...

she had bad habits, really bad habits...

you might think that im being to harsh, ungrateful even. pero when i think bout the things she'd done to us...brings back the feeling of hurt, thay everything's all messed up...

i don't know if she remembers my birthday... i don't even have an idea how she is...

but i don't care...anymore...

happy birthday to me.
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Friday, January 07, 2005 - 11:49 PM

i've got game

we had a game in volleyball last thursday. we won the first set, but we lost the second. our game would be continued this tuesday...

aaarrgghh!!! im reall mad!! (-_-)/ the reason?? well...

to get started, our so-called captainball didn't play...because she was sick ('di umano). and, my game wasn't that good, because our cb kept on pulling me out of the game!! i was suppose to enjoy, but i was soon put into frustration. bakit naman kasi plagi me nilalabas??? cguro ayaw akong mgkascore, pra cya may pnkamaraming score... :P

well, i won't say that i didn't put this thought into consideration, kasi parang ayaw nya me mging mvp...(not being superficial here, just thinking things over).

take note: while i play, the captainball kept on laughing, because of me?? praning na ata ko...

anyways, mlapit na bday ko. my father said meron daw cya gift, pero i don't really mind kung wla. plagi nman kc cya wla eh, wat cud make make happy is that nandun cya sa bday ko... drama noh??

heads up, reresbakan ko yang kalaban nmin sa volleyball. wait and see..

( x_x) <----oliver
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Monday, January 03, 2005 - 7:01 AM

start of the year!

It`s the first day of classes for this year! I really missed my classmates, feels like I haven`t seen them for years... there is a lot of chatter done today, with us talkin bout our vacation up until the last period! Hehe...

We talked about our classmates` and our teacher`s new looks!! One of our teachers had her hair done! Gotta be honest, she looks like Android 17(from dragonball). Haha!! *I`m not being mean, it`s true!!*

Anyways, some of our teacher still gave us assignments, and I was like `What? On our first day?!?` But I`m pretty determined to do all my assignments this year, kasi halos ndi na ko gmagawa ng mga assignments...(- -)/

Haaay... I just realized something; we have but 3 months `till the day we graduate arrive!! That`s barely 7776000 seconds na lang!! *waaah* just the thought makes me schmaltzy. Imagine, the CO`s handling their swords over our heads as we march to the tune of `tantandanan`(so I don`t know what`s the title!), the billowing white togas that all of us(hopefully) would be sporting, and the start of the valedictory address... all of this just give me the shivers! Parang it`s just yesterday when we were the CO`s na nkataas ang kamay for the march...

But somehow, the feeling of anxiety seems to be fading away and is slowly being replaced by a sense of excitement... kung dati takot lang, ngayon, takot pa rin pero meron ng kasama. Ano yung kasama? I don`t really know, but for me it`s the feeling of facing a whole new world on your own. Trying to find out if you could make it...

Time really flies...
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Saturday, January 01, 2005 - 10:56 PM

Yay! new year!

I`ve been sick for the past few days. I don`t know, but ever since I could remember, I was always sick during the Christmas seasons... sucks right?

Well, to make things even worse, I have to spend the rest of my vacation with my little cousins! *yikes* this means that I would have to wear my hey-i-like-you-even-though-you-annoy-me look! So basically, all I did this vacation was stew in my room, play computer games, smile a lot and eat.

And speaking of eating... there seemed to be a sudden whim in my household for this snack that I so totally adore... Pillows!! Hehe... who wouldn`t like this chocolate filled..uhmm... basta it`s chocolate filled!!

I didn`t catch the countdown this year because I was so busy playing with the ps with my bro(damn). I just new it was new year because the usual fireworks started na outside.

My New Year`s celebration wasn`t so much of a celebration... my family is so messed up... last year I got to see the fireworks with my father and my step-family. But now that they`ve left us to live with our grandma, this year`s celebration was spent playing the playstation

sana next year maayos na...
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