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the taddah summer get away, plus soem other riffraff

hey hey hey! after three hundred years of not blogging i'm back.

ang init ngayon! grr! as in. you'd like to hang out somewhere really cold like the mall, but the effort of just going outside the house is uber dami. hehe, kakatamad in short.

anyway, i'm here to tell you guys about my summer getaway. hehe, as in getaway. to start with.

kabaduyANNE: anne dizon's 18th bertdi partey!

shit parechong dude, tipar na to.

hehe, so goes the host of my ka-kada's weird party. well, the host wasn't really saying anything, the debutant was actually hosting. you know what i mean (?). hehe.

we went to lipa city batangas to attend my friends party. i was blazing hot with fever, but i really wanted to go. nakipag-swap na ko ng day off eh, sayang naman sa effort. and i wanted to take a break from work and those @#^$%#!! credit card holders. pft.

the trip to lipa was really..erm.. uneventful. i slept all the way. i was breathing really hot air. you know how frustrating that gets? and it doesn't help you feel any better. i forgot how long we were on the bus. but i was not feeling well, dagdag pa yung giant bag na dinala ko. hehe. i was looking forward nalang to the food at the part. gluttony.

when we arrived in lipa anne's cousin had to pick us up. lost kids kasi kami e. i felt really malagkit and sticky and dirty and i couldn't wait to clean up and change clothes.

anne's debut was an event, thus it was held in the Event's Center. haha, good work thinking of a name for a building. we went to where anne was, and then realize where anne get's her kawirdohan. her family's just like her, fun and weird. pano kasi kakapasok ko palang sa room kwento ang sabi agad ng pinsan ni anne is 'alam nyo bang nakapatay yang si anne?' haha, cute.

i changed into my 'pinaka-japorms na maong' outfit and smoked a few ciggs before the party. syempre piture piture muna.

so the party starts. the venue was great. we were outside, sitting on the grass, banig underneath and some pillows here and there, and tables were low. the buffet was was really inviting, and so is the chocolate fountain. yum. good thing the program starts with eating.

when i had enough food and lambanog, the host announced the entrance of the debutant. haha. lakas ng dating ni anne, with her great gown matched with the preppy maong.

the rest of the party was kinda good, but you can't really listen to all of the program. i mean, come on.

the night ended with everybody running around chasing people and putting icing on their faces, or it's the other way around. even i got icing-ed.

it was a really fun party.

we slept at anne's. the big breakfast was great and anne's mom got us some kapeng barako which i loved when i tried it - mei take home pa.

my original plan was:
1. i go to lipa
2. i party and eat a lot
3. i go home
4. i go to work

pero syempre plans never really work. please.

summer getaway v2: anilao

last year mingu, jmee and i went to tagaytay kasi it was really hot. biglaan. hehe. one moment we were sitting in mingu's room. then tita went in and asked us if we wanted to go to tagaytay. we said yes and the next think you realize is that you're driving up to tagaytay. jut like that.

this year i had another one spontaneous summer outing with mingu.

she asked me if i wanted to go with her to anilao on our way to lipa. i said yes right away. haha. and i had fever ah.

the morning after anne's debut mingu and i set off for anilao port. on the bus, i remembered that i haven't told anybody at home that i'll be going to anilao kaya tumawag ako kay lola (yes, lol has an orange phone). umokay naman si lola since i was with mingu naman daw.

ayun, lost kids reloaded kami ni mingu. kakahiya, kasi when we saw this sign saying 'anilao port this way' we went to the front of the bus to go down.

'bakit kayo bababa? di pa kayo dito, dun pa kayo sa kabila.'

ang sigaw ni manong bus driver.

yes manong ah, thanks for letting everybody know that we we're lost kids.

we arrived at anilao port safe naman. pero i had to buy some clothes and stuff for the beach, kasi nga biglaan right?

we arrived by boat sa island. we were welcomed by mingu's highschool friends (the sweets..please, hehe). i like the sweets, they're cute.

pure clean fun. swimming, talking, card games, volleyball, drinking. saya. i really had fun with these people. we had a bonfire under the stars. one of the best getaways i had.

i didn't sleep, i stayed up with tracy and we talked. she's a really nice girl, tracy.

anyway, we went snorkling pala. hehe. i love the fishies. we had great underwater shots (c/o mingu). eventhough i had to pay extra and i had to endure the water lice (may ganun ba tlga? ang kati kasi e) i had real fun.

i went home in a cab. dead tired but really satisfied.

so there goes my getaway.

update on you guys sometime soon.
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