Wednesday, June 25, 2008 - 5:54 PM

hindi ito tungkol sa love: don't read

'it's my favorite part of the day, driving you..'

'it's my saddest part of the day, leaving you..'

two lines from a movie i've watched around 2 minutes ago, Love Actually.

now i'm not gonna bore you all with the details, though the details ain't really that boring. kinda fun, actually. am just too lazy to type them all in.

now here's what i have to say. the movie will make you feel good/bad/good again. it's about all the ups and downs of love.

love that wouldn't happen.

love that couldn't happen.

love that just falls into place.

love that falls into place and falls out of place.

love that falls out of place but you still stay in love because, well, you love the person so much.

love that you won't let happen but happens anyway.

stupid love. (true)

innocent love.

wasted love.

weird love.

dammit. lotsa love.

one part in the movie that stuck was a funeral. the couple were together until 'death do us part'. can't help to be a bit jealous and all. gawd i'd love that.

and here i am again, writing about love. sabi dati mahirap isulat mga gantong bagay e. baka kasi di mag work out. tas buburahin mo lang yung pinost mo na blog kasi yun nga.

potek. eto na naman ako. nagsusulat. oo cheesy, alam ko. pero eto na naman ako, naglalakas loob. pft. lalong nagiging cheesy.

basta, ang point lang dun, 3x ang effect ng love movie, love songs, love stories sa taong in-love.

'..and true love lasts a lifetime.'
-Love Actually
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Thursday, June 12, 2008 - 12:04 PM

this is a love song.

kakabasa ko lang ng blog ni Kuya Richard, at natuwa ako kasi si Nancy Jane, na kinahuhumalingan namin ngayon dito sa bahay, ay si Nancy Castiliogne pala. akalain mo nga naman o... kumakanta pala sya. hehe.

anyway, since i'm already online, bored, and have nothing to do, i'll go and try to write something today. let's start with the start of classes.

%$%*^$^$%&!!!! i don't really know what that means, but i think it gives you something like 'hey this is frustrating' or 'bullcrap naman o'. well, to cut it short, i won't be coming to school this sem. again. ferk. so i have nothing to do. no work. no school. nobody at home to make kulit with other than our cat, na sa tingin ko napipikon na din sakin.

i have to be busy. having something to do makes me think less of the fact that i am an out of school youth (youth pa naman ang 20 right?).

whew. that was tough.

anyway, enough of the drama stuff. i'll be coming back 2nd sem naman. cross your ferking fingers, everyone! you'll get to see me in uniform if i get back. wouldn't that be fun? lol. ü

ok, tinakpan ko ng sando mukha ko just now kasi wala na kong maisip.

i'll go job hunting.

teka, am i allowed to turn this post to a very sweet, mushy article for my lurve? you think so? hmm...

basta. yikee. ü

ang labo ko potek. hehe. see you guys around.
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Monday, June 02, 2008 - 5:56 AM

i don't know if this is cute or stupid.

i just got from my ex officemate's house. drank a lot. emperador plus three big bottles of redhorse. still tipsy.

one part of the night stuck to me. a girl said sayang kasi i like boys daw.

and all throughout the night i was only thinking of one guy.
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