Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 5:38 PM

nothing in particular

well, title says it all. i'm ranting about nothing in particular.

i just came out of the hospital. i was confined for dengue fever. ugh. i hated the feeling. i hated me having fever that went up to 42 degrees. i hated me being locked up in a small room without windows. i hated the putrid, foul food they served. i hated them getting blood from me everyday. i hated the whole time i spent there. pft.

i wasn't even allowed to eat chocolate. of all the things they'd have to not allow it has to be chocolates. so the chocolates my dad bought for me was devoured by my visitors.

i was in the hospital for 7days. kadiri. ewwness. haha. sorry for the lack of words.

anyway, afte me being hospitalized i spent another week at home where i would have less stress from work. but of course i won't waste a whole week at home, ano akala nyo sakin? hehe.

my hair was getting untidy, and so is my facial hair. instead of my usual bench fix hairstyle i opted to go for something new..... so i had my hair done in ricky reyes's. and the result? i look like a good boy. really. take away the piercings at the eyebrow and left ear and i'd pass for a sakristan or something. so i shaved off my moustache and i left the goatee. good boy looks.

then we went out. one day starbucks tomas morato (very light lang). the next day we went to UST for Artistang Artlets' first major production for this year entitled AGNOIA venue at the albertus magnus auditorium education building. then we went to malate. good boy turns bad on the dance floor.

hmm... a couple of bottles of booze and a glass of margarita sent me to twilight zone. a few songs and a few dances was enough. time to go home.

well, that's about the most eventful things that happened to me so far.

curently i am in my father's computer. one word. YELLOW. but it's cute.

take care all.
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Wednesday, September 12, 2007 - 9:03 AM

happy ber month!!

yeah yeah it's been hell of a long time since i last posted here. last time i checked my lolo just arrived and now, as i write this, my lolo and the rest of my family are on their way to the airport. and i am stuck here in the office. joy in my heart.

ayun, ber months are here. it's getting a bit cold (or so i wish) and they're starting to play christmas carols already. plus the countdown to christmas has already started, though i really can't keep track of it. i suppose it's some 100 something days till then.

anyway, update on the boring life of an almost not so teenage delinquent.

some change at the office. new team, team leader. new sched. less reps though. they only left 80 people on the floor, the rest they sent to training. luckily i was left answering them cardholders. no complaints though. better than being jobless.

went to san beda to see about getting back to school this comming 2nd sem. ack! i finally laid my eyes on the uniform and it's awful. yes, for those who doesn't know yet, beda already has a uniform. grrr.. now i'm having second thoughts of going back. tsktsk. cream polo and black pants. no way.

shopping. always feels good. it's like teraphy. had a go on shopping just this week. bought clothes and a pair of shoes.

hmm.... my mind just went out. tsk. you know when that happens? when you had so much to say then suddenly you go blank. arg.

well. there's this one thing.

have you watched THE PERFECT MAN? stars that girl in disney... what's she called... oh right, hillary duff. well the movie's brilliant and you should try watching it. it's about this girl (duff), her younger sister and their mom who seems to think that the best way to escape a failed relationship is by moving away. pretty convenient right?

you know how easy it'll be to really move on and forget those heartaches when your in a place where nobody knows you. i mean, you also know nobody, but at least you won't have to put up to passing by a place where you and your ex love had ice cream one rainy midnight. you won't have to see friends of your ex, whom you once had dinner with before. you'll have a brand new start.


sometimes it's really hard to understand love and the process of falling in it. and sometimes i would like to get far away, to where nobody knows me. it would be a hell lot easier, but easy isn't always good. and sometimes easy is not the answer, but just an escape to what you really have to face.

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