Wednesday, January 30, 2008 - 8:43 AM

going back

andito ako ngayon sa computer shop ng aking ama, at dahil walang bayad ang pagcocomputer ko dito, siyempre sasamantalahin ko na.

i was going through my messages in friendster. grabe ilang thousands na pala yun na nag pile up kasi tamad ako. anyway, i open some of the messages that were sent to me before. grabe (ulit), ang tagal na ring panahon pala. going through these messages made me see how much i've grown, or at least changed, through the years.

nakita ko sa messages ko na naging straight pala talaga ko. haha. my messages and bulletins about break ups with girlfriends. but it looks so long ago i can't even imagine it now.

as i open some of the messages nakita ko ang ibang mga taong naging crush ko. minahal ko (i guess). at ang mga naging friends ko. some of the people that i crushed on before doesn't look that crushable to me now. and there are some ex-lovers, though our relationship wasn't a success, who'll always remain here (tutok sa utak at dibdib) because of the lessons they've taught me.

i've also seen how immature i was before. tsk. sobra pala. i wasn't thinknig that well. but i guess everbody was not thinking well when they were younger. ngayon? sana i'm thinking a bit better.

one thing i find really good about reading these year-old messages. nakita ko yung mga taong (people) na talagang friends ko. yikee. hehe. di nga, kakatouch.

napaalala din sakin ng friendster messages na to yung times na studyante palang ako. medyo madali nga no? being a student is not as hard as i thought it was. tamad lang ako dati kaya madami akong reklamo about being a student. but now that i know how it feels when you're working, parang medyo mas masarap nga maging student. less stress siguro. i hope mabalikan ko na ang student life this coming sem. i'm already 20yrs old. i need to step up. though pag balik ko sa school i can't give up working. i am used to earning for myself now. gusto ko yung pakiramdam na hindi na nanghihingi. that's one good thing working has thought me. the value of self-reliance (tama ba?). tsaka may konting pride na din ako.

20 is a big number. i guess it's time for me to step up a bit.

so here's one step forward. friends will help me along the way. i know they would.

well, that's about it for this posting. see you all soon.
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Tuesday, January 29, 2008 - 5:03 PM


that's what i feel right now..... whudever.
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Thursday, January 10, 2008 - 1:57 AM

the big 20

well, it's 2008 already and this is my first blog this year.

I'm not able to blog that much anymore. one is because I've grown overly lazy when i was an agent. two, no more free internet access since i have resigned.

yup. i am officially unemployed.

the day i got my 13th month pay i never showed up in the office again. i went to Baguio and spent a lot of time thinking about how i hate my old company and all. i just showed up last Friday to file my resignation. IMMEDIATE resignation, because if they'll have me serve 15 more days...well... there's no chance of me doing that. no way. and my ti el knows it. so they let me off instantly.

so here i am, finding nothing to do. nothing. NADA! and the worst part of it is - it's by BIRTHDAY!

20 years old. no more teen at the end of the number. gah! I'm old! no kidding. it hit me like a rock on the face.

i'd have to step up i guess. i mean, i need to straighten out my life already.

well, guess I'll see you next time.


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