Saturday, July 14, 2007 - 4:55 PM

return of the comeback

well after hibernating for how many months, i am back to relay everything under the sun that i could think of.

the reason? HARRY POTTER.

one statement first: Oh my freaking gosh!

i have read the books and i have hearing been from many that the new Potter movie is not that good. given na yun eh, that movies will never be as good as the book from where it was based on. but ferk. and i mean ferk, i absolutely love the new movie. i loved it better than the other movies.

to start with, this movie features the new and improved Daniel Radcliffe. i mean, look at that HOT body. rar.

ok, so now that i've put that away let's talk about the movie itself.

the battle scenes were great. the spells were wonderful (i loved it when Bellatrix Lestrange killed black- simple pero rock).


hell. i started writing this post when the potter film just got out. at anong petsa na ngayon? i know. very lame.

i hope i finish wriing this damn blog before my eyes get heavy.


well, work's turning out to be fine. i guess. i'm just on a job goal since i always am being absent for 'no particular reason' according to the management. well duh? ain't hanging out with friends, coffee (and/or) beer plus packs of ciggs enough reason? tsk.

yun na nga, i am now not allowed to be absent for furking 90 days. i managed last month though, so i guess the other 2/3rds of the job goal wont really bug me. plus i got on winner's circle coz i wasn't disqualified for being absent. taddah.


hmm.... it's beginning to be a boring routin. i go to work round 3am manila time and i go back home right after. i don't have a life anymore. robot. robot. robot.

what's new? my lolo came home from saudi arabia. nakakatuwa, kasi lolo and lola are still so sweet to each other. considering the fact that they only get to see each other every two years. plus lolo is 70 andlola is 73. sweet right? now pray that my lola won't read this kasi magagalit yun pag nalaman nya na dinisclose ko yung age nya.


other stuff? nada. boring. soooooo boring (if you're not boging and you happen to read this part please save me from boredom).

well, that's it for today i think.

wait, one last thing.

whenever i go home from work in the morning (nung morning pa uwi ko) i always see slighty beefy women sa ever gotesco mall (sa harap lang) doing some aerobic stuff. what i don't get is why do they follow their instructor na kasing laki din naman nila? get it? i don't.

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