Monday, March 28, 2005 - 5:16 PM

i didn't go to school today.

two reasons. i have to complete all of my requirements for my clearance and i have this horrible phlegm situation. to make things worst, my golden(ahem-hem) voice suddenly turned all croaky. now i can't sing our graduation songs (good thing or not? hmm..)

anyways, stayed home and played video games. legend of legaia was a surprisingly good game, thanks katerna! (^-^)/ plus i got to text with my pal, which seems to be a very costly habit. but it was worth every peso because i got to be friends with this silly person. ehehe...

great things could happen with the help of a cellphone.

that's it for now. i'll go and play gunbound. till then
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Friday, March 25, 2005 - 11:46 PM

nothing in particular...

kanina, i was chatting with this person na i met on the net. kakainis nga eh, kasi sandali lng kmi nkapag chat.

anyways, this person i met is one of those instances na you seem to know each other for like the time you were born. you know, when everything you say seem to make every sense and every joke you give is so funny. haaay, doesn't that feel so good? knowing that there are so many strangers out there, tpos you happen to stumble upon one of those strangers then suddenly, you're not strangers anymore. (^-^)/ hehe..makes me feel all bubbly and makes me want to hug someone. mm-hmm.

on to the gloomier side of things, our ever friendly kapitbahay once again proved that she still is the queen of menopause. she epitomizes the old-woman-gone-mad-because-she's-an-old-maid kind of people. kasi, my cousins were playing near her house, when she suddenly came out shouting, 'wag nyong galawin yang mga bato jan!! bka mabawasan!! aaarrgghh!!! *grows wings and then shows fangs and claws..eeek eeek eeek*'. (^-^)/ as if the stones were gold or something. ooohhh, kung hindi lng cya matanda e di dati ko pa cya naturuan ng leksyon.

on time with the lenten season, the shows on tv are getting better. the tv companies opted to show some movies to the viewer's delight, due to the fact na lahat ng artist nila would be going on vacation. but still there are those few tv stations na gustong humakot ng ratings kaya live parin sila (wowowee for one). sheesh, some would do anything.. tsk tsk tsk. (^ ^)/

till here muna, i gotta go and watch more tv. ciao for now.
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Wednesday, March 23, 2005 - 5:10 AM


thank God it's holy week. no classes for a week!

well, maybe to most of you. the student's of TUMCS only have 3 holy days. (^ ^)/ anyways, today's no day of rest for the staff of the torchkeeper. we had to go to the publishing house to settle some of the things for the schoolpaper. tina and i were to meet in jollibee at 8:45am, but i came late... a little lng nman. 9:15?? uhmm..ehehe..

anyways, pumunta na kmi ni tina sa chowking, where the staff would be picked up by the publishing house. wow, VIP?

so off we went and did our stuff. while we were having a break, kuya manuel, the owner of the building, asked us if we would like to be editors for Taytay's junior paper. could you believe it?? from meek school writers to local paper editors?? we grabbed the opportunity na, and it was made official by a letter.

after all these, we went to play Gunbound. after 1 1/2 hours of shooting, we went to karla's house for a movie.

that sum's up about all of the happenings this day. hopefully, i'd get some rest tomorrow. till then. ciao!
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Monday, March 21, 2005 - 7:45 PM

retreat 2004-2005

"over the mountains and the seas,
your river runs with love for me..."

every year, our school organizes a retreat for the graduating students. i am not an exemption, so i packed my things, got some money, and got ready to face three days of gospel songs and cell groups.

i have to tell you that i am not a church goer. in fact, i consider our school's wednesday chapel service my sunday mass. hey, don't freak out or anything! it's just that i am raised in a catholic family, but i don't want to go to their church. and i don't have any relatives that would keep me if i go and join the born-again churches. i'm trapped.

anyways, what i thought was gonna be 3 days of boring stuff turned out to be three very important days of my life. it really didn't occur to me that these three days in kuhala bay would give an impact that's so great. here's why...

i got to know more of my batchmates.
before, i could say that i know everyone in our batch. but after the retreat, i could say that i've grown closer to them. kasi nman our cellgroup really opened up to each other. we got to tell our problems, and we found out that we could relate to each other. i'm so thankful na i got to know christina, pia, ritchie, alex, ronald, anna jane, ms. pinera, ang kuya gil (plus my bestbud emily) better. it's like i've been given a whole new set of family members! all the members of the zebulun tribe! i will never-ever-ever-never forget you!! we're still the best. love you!!

i had fun with the activities.
i was happily surprised with the activities. i would have to say that the youth challenge was the best activity. our tribe got to go around kuhala bay and do crazy stuff just to get pieces of papers. i never thought that members from the different sections could work with each other so well. and, we had ecstatic fun! we finished 3rd. there was never a dull moment in the tribe of zebulun.

good eating.
cyempre, makakalimutan ba natin ang pagkain? the food comes in buckets. and, we were in a buffet. so you could see the plates overflowing with rice. pero i'd have to say that the grilled fish didn't taste good. pero the rest was all so scrumptious, delectable and mouthwatering. (^ ^)/

the dorm was great.
there were twenty students, 5 double-decked beds (2 for each deck). you could say that we were crammed in, but my dorm mates were hillarious. we would talk even after lights-off. then there was the regular hassle over who's gonna use the bathroom first. it was fun, we had cable and aircon. and there was pikachu's alien song. fun.

i finally believe that he is for real.
i've asked if him if he was there. i got no reply. so i got on with my life knowing that he is true but never believing that he cares for me...that he doesn't give a damn bout any of the cracked-up things that i do. i thought that i was carrying all my burdens all alone, that i fought my fight with destiny on my own. but he was there pala. i just didn't notice HIM. that night, march 17 2005, around 9:45pm, i finally got my answer. he finally told me that he was just there. i cried, i knew that there would be people crying, but i never thought that i would be one of them. i cried hard. really hard...

so there, my retreat experience. it was a real blast (pero bitin sa swimming). i'll never forget it. never....
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Sunday, March 06, 2005 - 10:53 PM

why is it so?

`winter comes whenever we sit near each other
and a barrier is built before our eyes
we are frozen on the spot
and we dont have an idea why...`

i love talking. i could converse with almost anyone: girls, guys, people in between. people who are fat, thin, tall, short, pimply, cute, anyone. but there is this one person who i couldn`t converse with. and the thing is, we`ve been classmates for like 3/4 of our lives. we`ve been in group projects and the varsity before. but still, i just shut my mouth whenever we sit together.

anyways, i think it`s a mutual feeling. kc mhilig din siyang magsalita. he is also friends with my friends. pero bat ganun? hindi kmi mkapag-usap ng maayos?? i try nman, pero whatever i say, it dies withing 5 seconds, tapos silence ulit.

hindi nman kmi opposites. medyo pareho pa nga kmi ng wavelength eh kc medyo pareho kmi plagi ng iniiisip tunkol sa isang thing. and minsan nauunahan lng nya me sabihin ung nasa isip ko. and the strange thing is, parang alam nya na yun din yung iniisip ko and vise versa. and i am frustrated kasi i know na hindi nman kmi mgkaaway..

kaya i try to find reasons kung bakit hindi kmi mkapag-usap. here they are:
1. meron silang past ng friend ko
pwede ba yun? kasi nung ngkakaunawaan pa cla, medyo nilayuan ko muna yung friend ko na yun.

2.nagselos ako?
bka nga ata, kasi sa kapareho-an nmin, pti ung close friends ko nging gnun yung pkikitungo sa kanya. lam mo yun? so parang na-feel ko na he was stealing my friends away. una ung friend kong babae (refer to number 1). tpos nung nging seatmates kmi, plagi nyang knakausap yung friend kong lalaki. ako? natahimik, kausap yung eletric fan.

3.parehas kmi
yup, pareho kmi. kaya kung na-feel ko na ganito ung gnawa nya skin, bka ito rin ung na-feel nya na gnawa ko sa kanya. weirdo noh?

yun, pero dapat diba matagal ko na siyang inaway? pero anong ginawa ko? nanahimik ako at hindi ko na pinansin kasi kala ko wla nmang mawawala. hinayaan kong siya yung plaging knakausap ng mga friends ko. kala ko wla lng skin....

pero meron pla.. meron plang nawala...

nawala ung chance na mging closer friends kmi kasi hindi me nging totoo dun sa na fee-feel ko. nasaktan din pla ko dahil feeling ko naitaboy nya me sa picture. yung picture na pinagka-ingat ingatan ko. tapos biglang nabura kasi dumating siya.

selfish na ba yun? kung selfish na nga yun, malamang selfish nga ko. pero dun lang nman ako naging selfish diba? hindi nmn me selfish sa food tsaka sa money. tsaka hindi ko nman pinakita eh. tinago ko... kaya nga naging magulo yung pakikisama ko sa kanya eh.

ang gulo parin... masisiraan na ata ako ng ulo... mlpit ng magtapos ang highschool life ko.. sana maayos ko `to para masaya diba?? at least maayos ko `to bago kmi grumaduate para wlang grudge...

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- 10:02 PM

stop me before i even start

i feel so frustrated...i feel so mad...

we(me, tian2, ruth, martin) went to uste last saturday. WE were going to change our courses para madali na ang lahat. we met in greenland at around 6:30am. it was raining kaya i bought a newspaper for an umbrella...

when we arrived, we immediately proceeded to the thomas aquinas research center where the academic placement was to be observed. sige, pila naman kami. and when it was finally my turn to do my thing, biglang may nagsabi sakin, `bawal ka dito..waiting list ka eh.`

aaarrgghh!!! siyeht!!!

sana pi-nost nila sa labas na ndi pwede yung mga waiting-list para ndi na `ko pumila diba?! so i had to wait for my friends to finish. siguro they saw na i was not in such a good mood na kaya niyaya nila me na kumain.. lam nila first aid sa init ng ulo ko. (^-^)/

pauwi na kmi, busog na ko. sa main exit kmi dumaan. kaso tian2 saw that his choices for the academic placement also had a lot of waiting-listers. kaya what he and martin did was they went back to the research buliding and changed their courses na nmn.

tinatamad na kasi me eh, so i opted to wait for them nlang sa bench. ksama ko naman si ruth eh. i was not bored, kasi i was able to watch the passersby, na parang hindi mauuubos. i realized, iba na talaga sa college no?

anyways, i went to karla`s house to study math for the finals. pero all we did was eat ice cream and talk about stuff. ndi naaccomplish yung goal ko, pero i had fun nerevtheless.

till here muna... medyo glit pa ko dun sa nag-tag na lowlife na yun eh... tsk tsk tsk... i`ll get you for that..
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Thursday, March 03, 2005 - 6:31 PM

free at last!!

yes, ladies and gents, i'm finally free. free from all those projects!

anyways, i couldn't celebrate just yet because we still have the final exams to tackle. but still, one couldn't help but be happy after enduring a lot of stress..and sleep.

we had a liwaliw session today because our teacher in english was absent. the session, which happened wherelse but the canteen, was refreshing, not talking about that pesky investigatory for once. we talked about the things we want to do in school before we graduate, which is not very far. from the simple sleepeing-in-class to the more bizzare going-to-the-roof-of-the-school, we had such a very good time.

pero it's sad, you know. leaving the school that have been more of a second home for me. i've been too attached to the school(having been here for nearly 13 years since jr. kinder). but i've been more attached to the faces that i am oh so familiar classmates/friends/family. waaahhhh! i feel tears building up already!

okay, enough of the mushy stuff. tomorrow we'll be having c.a.t. we officers have prepared a little fun-fair for the privates. hey, they badly need it.

that's it for now. see you soon.
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