Friday, December 07, 2007 - 6:49 AM


taddah! i have out done myself. i haven't posted for more thank weeks here (as you can see, i always start a posting this way). my mediocre skills in writing is dying out. help.

sure enough i have a blog-worthy tale to tell aside from my rantings. but first thing's first.


for two or three weeks now i have been dialing for an outbound campaign (credit card acquisition) and i have been having a hell of a time. really. it's HELL. not only you get a generous amount of shouting from them americans, you also get an extra dosage from your team leaders since you didn't make as much sales as the other day. and if hell has lucifer, here we have Pong. every bit of evil, that's Pong. but he ain't excactly 'every bit'- he's more of a... a LARGE chunk. paint him red and he's satan only extra large. or a very tempting lechon. just what you need fot christmas.

speaking of christmas, i have been fighting a war againts time. a race to the thirteenth month pay. and i was losing the battle. good thing i got transfered to a different account just today. more training more fun. no more Pong!

hey time. i think i've won our little skirmish.

ok, now i'm done with my rantings, let me tell you a story.


Artistang Artlets came out with this mini play. semi-improvisation. the audience get's to chose the ending. asteg right?

hmm... i'm too lazy to get into the details. maybe i'd get back to this.

or maybe not.

ciao for now.
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