Sunday, December 31, 2006 - 7:18 PM

i have been busy this past few days. and i have a lot to tell all of you guys, but let's wait till next time. all i have for this post is this:


it's been a blast, 2006. thanks to friends (old and new). sorry to the people i've hurt.

i'll be seeing you all next year. mwahugs from me, Angelo Gabriel Caraon.
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Wednesday, December 20, 2006 - 9:45 PM

i was at Gateway mall the other day, did my shopping and got coffee at Sbucks with some of my friends.

anyways, it was so hot that afternoon and i needed to be here in Libis for my contract signing. i opted to take a cab... or at least attempted to.

i have waited for like forever to get a cab.. as in! i have become wasted in the midst of the taxi-hungry crowd. they kill me.

the problem with cabs is that there is never one present when you need it the most! diba? tapos when you don't need them, tsaka sila sumusulpot. hihinto pa sa harap mo. asar right? parang ganun din pag sa remote. when you want to use it, it is always missing. tapos after mong tumayo at pumunta sa TV to make lipat manually the chanel, poof! taddah! the remote is right on top of the table.

sa LOVE kaya ganun din? when you don't look for it, bigla nalang susulpot?


till next. have to get my ID na. woot!
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Tuesday, December 19, 2006 - 2:44 PM

ok. so it's been a while, and a lot has happened already (damned these keyboards, the letters are missing).

anyway, i can't tell everything, not because i don't want to, but because i simply cannot. i forgot. haha.

so to start.

In or Out

i have trained for outbound here in Epixtar. i was the first person to be certified in my batch. upon three hours of dialing (divided by three days, so that makes an hour a day) i have made two sales, always the first sale of the team. good. i am getting the hang of things. then the account pulled out. no more dialing for me. ASAR.

so there we were, not dialing. we were on petix mode. tsk.

the next day, we were informed that we are to be retrained for another account. bummer.

it is another outbound account. another credit card account. another set of exams. bummest.

enter Miko.

he is this trainer for the inbound account and he tells us that the inbound people need more people. i was thinking about getting into inbound, and this seems to be the perfect time. plus, Miko's totally cute (petite, chinito). so i signed up.

as of now, i am enjoying the training. i like it here. but my crush on Miko faded. good thing too. hehe.


my friends and i went to Bed last saturday. it has been a while since i went to malate, and i had a blast not because of the boys, but because i got to hang with my friends.

and i kind realized something that day. i am still proccessing it though.

chit chat next time.

oh, and please. i DO NOT have a boyfriend. somebody texted me up the other day claiming that i have one.

hey, if you're going to spread balita, make verify muna the person involved. tsk.

ugh.. these keyboards should be replaced...

till next guys.
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Thursday, December 07, 2006 - 7:30 AM

so, here's the thing:

i may be bitchy at times, being sarcastic and all. pero one thing's for sure, i don't mess with people if i don't know them that much. i mean, i won't make asar to you if we're not close. duh? kapal naman ng mukha ko.

kanina, there was this woman who was really feelingera in our class. you know the game Pinoy Henyo? if you don't, watch Eat Bulaga para maka-relate ka to my post. anyway, we had the game at our wotk for training.

we were having fun kasi diba, kakatuwa yung mga hula ng people. the only answer one could give is a yes, a no, or a maybe. there's this ine guy who was practicing his yes, and it sounded like he was making love. funny, so i commented on it. tapos nun, everybody around me laughed. Noah, the Team Leader of the people who will be playing, joked that i was making fun of his agents.

okay lang sana eh, pero here comes assumera gurl who thought that i was making lait to her. as if diba? i won't do that, sabihin niyo pang mapang asar talaga ako. pero i won't do that to someone who isn't really close to me. ang rude ko naman right?

pero NO! this woman would've sworn to her death that i was making fun of her. she was boiling mad. and the thing here is she didn't even hear what i've said. kainis! she was like getting mad at me for a reason that she herself do not know. argh!

but what i HATE the most is the way she shouted at me. di nga niya alam sinabi ko eh.
she was belting out words at me. syempre i got mad. duh? close ba kami? don't bitch around me if i didn't do anything to you, or else.

so what i did was answer back.

'wala akong sinasabi diyan ah? asyumere ka naman. magalit ka kung mei sinabi ako. at pag mei sinabi na ako, get ready kasi it'll be the hurtful truth.'

kung di ako nakapag-pigil, ang dami ko nang nasabi about her. she was tagged as 'JAYA' in our office. go figure.

i may be a newbie to this company, but i know where i stand. so you should know where you stand as well, ang knowing na vetrep ka na, you should understand things better than i do. wag kang magmaganda or magmagaling. tao tayong lahat dito.

if i wasn't in the right mind i would've made patol to her pa. nagpigil nalang ako, which was really hard.

argh. good morning angelo gabriel!

hope the rest of the day goes well.

till here.
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Wednesday, December 06, 2006 - 8:30 AM

kanina, we were playing charade.

now i wonder... how did i get a freakin bruise over charades?
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Monday, December 04, 2006 - 5:13 PM

this is something i made at the office, while making petix mode.


how to deal with a HEARTBREAK:

1. drink lots of beer

it's adviced to do this with your bestfriend. vomit if induced. it might help eliminate 'sama ng loob'.

2. eat your comfort food

chocolates, ice cream, or anything deep fried. heck, you need to be happy. so indulge.

research says eating sweets will definitely affect one's morale. o, kunin mo na yung tinatago mo sa ref.

3. throw away or stay away from things that would remind you of HIM.

pero goodluck, kasi everywhere you look, maaalala at maaalala mo din siya. mamatay ka nalang.

4. watch happy movies

ang original motive nito is to make you laugh, pero in the middle of the movie you'll realize that you are happiest when you are with him and in the end, iiyak ka parin, habang lahat ang lahat ng nasa paligid mo ay mamamatay na sa kakatawa. sana nanood ka nalang ng drama para lahat kayo umiiyak.

5. make yourself busy

you have to, because once you get a minute alone, all those thoughts about him will immediately come back to that head of yours. kaya bawal kang matulog, tuma*, umihi, maligo, etc.

6. pretend everything's fine

smile. wave at people. tell them you're ok. this might be lying, but when you hear the words 'ayos lang ako' or 'wala yun sakin', you'll somehow believe in them yourself.

heartbreaks will always be hard to deal with. it's like refilling a hole in your heart, thinking kasi that the hole would be filled by your special guy. you made that hole for him and now, nobody's left to fill it up.

even time has a hard time healing the heart. so don't expect that any guide would immediately take away the pain. you just have to try.

try your luck again. wag maging bitter. life will go on no matter what you do.


hm.. sad.

till next then.
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Saturday, December 02, 2006 - 3:38 AM

so here i am again, on the seventh floor of my building. it's our one hour break, but i am not in the mood to eat for several reasons.

i have been in a roller coaster of emotions this past few days. madaming ups, pero the downs are so downing. see? i even violated the grammar just to express how i feel.

what with work and stuff, all i need is a nice BIG hug. *sigh*

more info next time, my team leader will kill me if i come in late.

see you guys. hug me?

toodles for now.
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