Saturday, June 25, 2005 - 11:17 PM

do you remember the theatre club i was talking about a few posts ago? well, they g by the name of AA (Artistang Artlets). they're these group of Schizophrenics who disguise themselves as stage actors, production managers, directors, et cetera.

and the real news is, i was chosen to be a new member of these people. ahihi..

last friday, the day after my brain and my body got horribly malfunctioned by this pest called fever, i went to uste to audition for AA. lakas ng loob noh? but it doesn't end there kasi ACTING pa ang pinili kong major. haha.. talk about kapal ng mukha.

anyways, it wasn't really easy being there. to start with, we had to do this warm up group dynamics thingy. then we must introduce ourselves creatively, thus the name CREATIVE INTRODUCTION. i didn't even act, humiga lang ako sa floor then i belted out the first song that came into my mind. then we were divided into two groups to do some improvs, ang saya nga e. after nun, kainan na..

i really didn't enjoy my meal kasi meron parin me lagnat. mapait na yung panlasa ko, ala pa me gana. anyways, after our lunch, we headed off to our specializations. sa ACTING B ako napasali.

when we were in the room na, we studied a little bit of theatre para at least mas lumawak ang understanding nmin for it. then yung mga excercises. grabeh, i think nawala lahat ng dangal ko dun eh. sobrang outrageous. pero it feels good to let go of your inhibitions, feeling mo free ka. ang pinaka masayang mga activities are yung mga imprivisations. ang kulet. you have to think real fast para maging effective yung acting mo. example:

death becomes her (or sumthing like that)
two people would move around then pag sinabing freeze, yung two people na yun dapat maka isip ng conflict. pag may eksena na, paunahan kayong mamatay.

what i did was..
sinimulan nung partner ko. 'honey, ano ba yan baha na naman sa bahay. ayusin nga natin' syempre naki ride ako. nung naglalakad kami 'ay wala nadulas ako sa baha.' yon, patay na ko bilis noh? actually gusto kong mamatay sa allergy sa snails eh, pero.. (^_^)/

use this thing(imbento ko lng tong name na toh)
we were given four things, a pringles container, an umbrella, a jacket, and a celfone. we were to think of how to use these things pero bawal ung original purpose nila.

what i did was..
jacket=stethoscope (yup, absurd)
cellphone=medicine tablet

put them all together. gets nyo na??

tapos ng mga specializations, interview na. i think i did well sa interview. the day after that, tinignan nmin kung pasado kmi. i'm glad to say that all of us (section 1journ2) who auditioned for AA passed for apprenticeship. jella, galingan mo sa re-interview anah??

cge, till here muna. see yah.
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Wednesday, June 22, 2005 - 1:16 AM


peste naman yang photobucket na yan oh..


it's like my second week in college. i got over the initial shock of the firsy day (phunk??). nyahaha!!

knina, we had our orrientation. sa morning, we were to have a tour around the university, pero iba gnawa namin. nyahaha!! my friends and i opted to eat outside, so we ditched the tour. bumalik nlang kami for the orrientation. haha.. hinanap daw kmi nung mga guides. (^ ^)/ freshie plang pasaway na agad?? hehe..

geh, till here nlang muna. palitan ko nlang ulit ung skin pag nagka time na me. ciao!
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Thursday, June 16, 2005 - 5:23 PM

shush!! may binabasa pa ako...

my second day in college was a lot better than the first. i got to meet a lot of my classmates dahil sa toneladang assingments nmin. biruin mo naman, 80 pages of excruciating words that'll surely bore you to death.. tsk tsk..

first time ko rin to ride the jeepney going to the LRT. dati kasi pedicab lang snasakyan ko eh, nyahaha..

niloko pla kmi nung prof sa lit nmin. pagpasok niya parang naisip ko si Snape na kalbo. sobrng terror daw.. mei litanya pa siyang 'i will try to be your worst nightmare' tska 'wen it comes to literature, only God and i could understand.. and it doesn't mean it comes in that particular order.' knabahan din ako dun ah..

cge, ciao for now.. gotta finish this s***ty reeading.
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Wednesday, June 15, 2005 - 5:53 PM

i'm crackin up!

Wah! i can't stand the deafening silence..

i stepped into my classroom, and all of my 'confidence' all stumbled and vanished. biglang tumakbo at iniwan akoon the spot. haha.. so much for funkin it.

anyways, i sat at the far left corner of the room, third row. haha.. bagong buhay na? it's as if i suddenly altered from being a flambouyant butterfly into a meek, quiet caterpillar. still keeping to myself, i started to count how many other caterpillars there are in the room. 1,2,3,4... but i stopped counting, they kept on squirming and moving.. nyahaha.

our first class was communication theory and practice. yes people, wlang orrientation. our prof emphasized on the fact na marami kaming 'heavy reading'. at meron pa kming assignment.

wla pa ung next prof..

5 new students came in late. syempre i made friends with them. tpos tinanong nung isa kung meron n kming clas rep. sbi ko, wla pa. to my surprise, he stood up and went in front of the class. he said he wanted to be class rep. yung isa naman na late comer, ngtanong kng bkit daw siya? bsta, to make a long story short, the two of 'em had a fight. showdown daw. kumanta yung isa. 'kaya mo bang kumanta?'

ung isa, di ngpatalo. 'kaya mo bng kumanta while doing gymnastics.. ON THE TABLE?'

wohooo.. i went berserk. nkakatuwa. tpos npansin ko.. 'nasan na yung kanta? puro gymnastics e'

the other late comer shouted the exact same thing, only louder. then all of a sudden, nagwala yung isang bakla (yung nag gymnastics).

'hoy ikaw, knina ka pa ha. pu**ang ina ka!!' nkaturo sakin.

oh my gosh!

tahimik kami, yung iba takot. ako? takot din, pero i was laughing. pag lingon ko, yung nsa likod ko pla na late comer yung sinigawan ni gymnast na medyo psycho. i was relieved.

sabi nung katabi ko (na late comer din. kinuha nya number koh), wag na daw muna kmi mag election. magulo daw kasi e. the gymnast-psycho yelled 'gusto ko ngayon na! ngayon na!!' while he was wreaking amo. parang medyo retarded yung dating kasi he was making tantrums na eh. 'gusto ko ngayon na kasi ginalit nyo na ko e!'

knabahan ako. kasi, he got the teacher's chair and hurled it in front of the class. the poor chair broke. 'sino pa boboto kay jon? ang magtaas ng kamay pupugutan ko ng ulo!!' then the psychogymnast walked out of the room.

i told my seatmate, 'medyo praning ata yun ah'.

the psycho gymnast went back in.

'hi, i'm a member of the teatre club.'

what?? niloko niya kami?? then, the other 4 late comers, including jon, the president wannabe and my seatmate stood up. kasama din sila!! aaarrgghh!!!

haha.. there. masya. kaso yung sumunod na subjects parang heavy msyado eh. tsk tsk.. i must get ready for my college life na. dpat maging comfortable na ko with my new environment.

ndi na ko caterpillar, cocoon na ulit. (-__-)/
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Monday, June 13, 2005 - 10:59 PM



it was suppose to be my first day in school today.

i left my house at around 8am knina, khit 1pm pa (supposedly) ang start ng classes koh. haha.. excited? medyo, pero i was going to buy my uniform eh.. huhu.. hanggang ngeon ala parin me uniform...

jeep.. LRT.. tapos pedicab. unlike tina(aheheh..), i had to ride the LRT. nkakainis nga eh, kasi plagi me nkatayo. anyways, i arrived sa uste at around 10am. nipuntahan ko yung bldg nmin para mgtanong kung san bbli ng uniform. pero all the guard said to me was 'wala pa, wala pa (static, static). sa 23 pa (more static)'. haaay.. it's as if i talked to a machine na naka-program lng yung sasabihin.

then, pumunta me sa science bldg to see if i could get my i.d na. etoh nman guard na nandun, sobrang sungit. ang friendly, with pleasing personality. tsk tsk.. nkaka-banas. tpos nalam ko pa na wla kming clases today.. aarrgh!!!

tpos, i wanted to meet this friend of mine. kaso we kept on missing each other. malas!!

so in the end, pmunta nlang me sa mall. pero wla nman me magawa, bumili lng me ng ntbk. to relieve myself from stress, bumili me ng moccha frappe. haha.. the effects of caffeine in my sytem tlga oh.. (^-^)/

miss ko na yung JuJoTay family koh.. huhu.. actually miss ko na lahat ng classmates koh. hoi, keong mga ngbabasa nito, kwentuhan nyo nman ako!!

okie. totoo na toh, tomorrow would be my first day. ahihi... wish me luck.
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Tuesday, June 07, 2005 - 11:58 PM


My "writer's block" seems to be removed na. I was able to write another poem last night! Ehehe..

Siguro kasi I had a lot of emotions last night, lalo na nung dumating siya.. tsk! I was so gonna burst. Ang hindi ko lang maintindihan ay kung bakit nanahimik lang ako. Usually I'd voice out what I have inside.. hmm.. aaarrggh!!

Ehe.. I don't want to elaborate on it too much. Baka masira ko pa yung computer dito..

Anyways, baka kaya me nkapag sulat uli is because meron me new found friends. They acted kinda like muses, hehe..

Si cheri, na pinsan ni doris Carla viray. Sobrang kulit. Nagiging monster ata pag lagpas na ng 6pm.

Si Ralph. Fellow thomasian ko, preho pa kming freshie. La lng, harry potter fanatics kami. (^ ^)/

Si Edgar. Jusmeh! Sobrang ligalig sa text! Ehe.. he also is a thomasian na kapareho ko ng building.

There, some parts of me today. See ya'll sa uste guys. Excited na ko!! sa mga naka experience na ng first day funks, kwentohan nyo me!! anah?? ciao!
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- 12:25 PM

haayy... at long last nakapg-post na ulit me!! (applause applause).

anyways, my summer career as a journalist ended approximately 88 hours ago. siyempre meron kaming hinandang 'despedida party'. 10 boxes of pizza, cake and ice cream!! yum yum.. ay, meron din plang pancit malabon (who cares??). ehehe..

yon, we made a special gift for our Data Access family. parting words were said, na-realize namin na khit hndi kmi msyadong kumita, mrami plang naka appreciate ng work nmin. nkaka-taba ng heart.

ang saya nung party, pero nung patapos na realize ko na i was missing my wallet! aargh!! hndi ko na nkita.. sayang ung pictures.. (_ _)/

haha.. konting days nlang and i'm going to my new school na. excited na nga ko eh. haaayy.. what'll happen kaya??

haha.. can't think of anything else na. uhmm.. to JAMES: welcome dude!! paramdam ka nman! ehehe

and to my JuJoTay family.. miss ya'll. kita-kits nlang sa UAAP. aight?

geh.. til here muna. ciao!
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