Tuesday, August 29, 2006 - 6:56 PM

wow. i'm finally getting back into blogging.

anyway, i am uber tired from everything that i am getting into. let's have a rundown.


the play that Artistang Artlets will be having this september 28 and 29. i am part of it. the rehearsals are really getting into me. i haven't attended two consecutive reheasals because of two different reasons. i am tired.

getting into the bedan spirit

i am finally getting active in my new school. i have auditoned for Dulaang Bedista, San Beda's official theater guild, last saturday. i auditon for a spot in the director's guild ad guild of singers.

the auditions were a little different from how Artistang Artlets do it.

i found out about the results kanina. i passed.

the marketing association will be having its General Assembly this friday. i am part of the artist center and i will perform in the GA. twice. isang solo ballad number and in a band as the bahista. more rehearsals for me. tired.

and just yesterday i had an exam for The Bedan. grabe. uber stressed na ako and i really wanted the exam to end already kasi i have to rehearse with the band. it was fun though. i was asked to write a sanaysay about Grimace. i found out everything about him yesterday, but that's a differet story altogether. i don't expect to pass this exam. i wrote in a hurry kasi.

life in general

well, i am not sure if i am really okay. but i'm happy everything's happening so fast.

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Friday, August 25, 2006 - 2:45 PM

you know you should move on, but you just can't. you do not undersand what happened... you were okay in the beginning... but beginnings were never meant to last.

one of the better lines i've thought of.

auditions for Dulaang Bedista tomorrow. wish me luck.
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Monday, August 07, 2006 - 6:03 PM

it was supposed to be a night of fun.

i went to party with my friends last saturday. we were dancing and drinking and laughing and talking the night away, just as any party-goer does in a saturday night.

i went there with some new friends, but spent the night with some old friend i texted up. he was there so i went with his group.

so there i was, met all of his friend and became friends with them too. party.

around 2:50am, they already decided to go. to me, it was a tad too early to leave, but because i said i'll go home with them, i did.

i was seated at the back of the adventure, with BJ and MYKS. and eventually it became just myks and i, bj had to transfer to the passenger's seat. the trip was a bit weird, but i am not going mention why or how weird it was.

so there we were, me in my weird state. the car was running fast, and i was a bit anxious. more weird moments, perhaps the weirdest of all. suddenly the car swerved so violently and i thought rocky was mad and he was running furiously. the next moment i hit the right side of the car with a bang, then the right side of the car fell.

imagine a roller coaster ride. fast, and quite dangerous. imagine it turning around its loop. now imagine it happening to you in your own car.

i saw the car turn, i didn't know how many turns we had. people say we turned thrice. i had my eyes open. i banged into the sides as our car turned. it was a scary thing, having seen how everything happened. i was half expecting for the car to give in and hit us all with it's bending metal. i saw shattered glass. i wrapped my arms around the person next to me, for him to be safe. i thought we were all going to die.

my eyes were wide open.. but i didn't want to see...

i was praying for dear life. we were in between the space of the roof of the car and the right side of the car. we skidded for a considerable amount of distance, still expecting for the worst. i think i saw sparks from the friction of the metal and the road. i don't know, everything happened so fast. will i die?

the next thing i knew was that we were making our way out of the car (which stopped at its right side). i didn't know how we got out. i didn't know how we survived. i was hearing cries from one of the girls.

all of a sudden people were around us. i wasn't paying much attention to them. i was more concerned to how my friends were. the girls were crying. rocky seemed not hurt, but he was awfully silent. myks was alright, miller too. bj took in charge of everything. he was talking to the people, telling them what happened.

i was okay, or at first i thought i was. but when i stood a good distance from the car, i realized that my knee and my right arm were hurt. miller saw that i was hurt and sat me down. i was in shock. i was in real shock. i wanted to cry but i was scared of what might happen if i let myself cry. i might get into one of my rare seizures (i've been through a heart surgery). my head was hurt and miller massaged it. i don't know if it did help, but i wasn't that afraid anymore.

i sat there. the girls, myks and miller were sent to rocky's relatives for help. they left. i sat there. looking at how bj handled the situation. i didn't know if i could do that. he was brave. i was too, i just didn't know.. i just sat there and looked. we could've died... all of us..

then bj came with my phone, and instantly i texted my grandma to fetch me up. i wanted to see the doctor. i didn't want to leave bj and rocky alone (we were the only ones left) but my left knee and my right arm were aching. my dad arrives with my lola and tita. i bade farwell to bj and rocky and told them i'd be back. i was brought to the hospital.

i didn't get any serious injury, nabugbog lang daw yung mga muscles ko. i never wanted to be in the hospital again. no more wheelchairs for me. i have had enough of those.

i went back to where the car was and found only bj and denise. i find it only rational to be with them. we went to the investigators together. i on the passenger's seat, they on the back seat.

we gave our statements and went home.

i realized a lot of things. each i cannot say. one thing is that i have to say i love you to the people i cherish. i may never get the chance to tell them. i also realized that everyone in the accident were important to me, yes YOU are.

to the girls:
be strong. live life again. you can cry, but live after crying. crying won't solve anything. be brave.

to myks and rocky:
i hope you're alright. be safe. be well.

to miller:
thanks for helping me. i might have broken down if it weren't for you.

to bj:
thanks. seeing you looking so brave made me brave. i am just here. stay the same.

to my friends:
i love you all.

to my father and lola and tita:
thank you. i could never really verbally tell you that i love you, but i hope you know i do.

to Him:
thanks for giving me yet another chance. how many times was i suppose to die? since i was born i had perils. mortal perils. i do not know yet what i am to do, but i hope to do it in your name's sake.

siguro nga ikaw lang ang gumagawa ng dahilan kung bakit ka mamamatay, pero ikaw din ang gumagawa nang desisyon kung mabubuhay ka. nagdesisyon na ako, gusto kong mabuhay.
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Wednesday, August 02, 2006 - 4:25 PM

i have discovered a whole colony of ants in my brother's combat boots.

funny. colony. combat boots. doesn't it all fit together? haha. yeah right.

anyway, i danced my ass off yesterday for the launching of the red army, san beda's integration week 2006.

i was part of the departamental presentation ISLASH contest. it was great. the steps were taught to us a day before the contest and we still won second place. cool huh?

and the fun part is i got to meet a lot of new friends from the marketing society. really fun people (cute people too, har).

i wasn't integrated like my classmates. you know, the usual bagoong shower, mud rolling, and THE mendiola run. the people participating in the dance are exempted.

one thing i find good about being part of it is because we have free food (yay) and we didn't have to spend a cent on our costumes.

anyway, i have a very disgruntled mind as of the moment, besides having a very aching shoulder because if the lifting. toodles for now.
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