Saturday, November 26, 2005 - 6:14 PM

finally, our job for Paraisong Parisukat is over. but i cannot rejoice yet because we have another play this december..

ugh.. i am really tired.

anyways, i watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire last friday. and what could i say? hmm..

this film is better than the last (prisoner of azkaban) though.

after the movies, i went straight to my friend's house. meron kasi kaming overnight eh. sa mei tomas morato, near starbucks.

i bought fries from mcdo, kasi i was forced to eh. (n_n)/ the party began when i arrived. i had loads of fun. a lot of unexpected things happened. i couldn't put them in words!! basta, there was beer. you imagine what came next.

and here i am now, fresh from the 'photshoot' for our next play. ugh.. this day is such a flop. we went to UST on time, pero we did nothing. as in nothing! zippo! we should've stayed at Mingu's and slept. grr...

till here then. more to come soon.

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Sunday, November 20, 2005 - 6:26 PM

at aroud 5:52pm this day, a man was stabbed several times near the Taytay United Methodist church (bayan).

uhmm... practice lang sa newswriting..

but seriously, i was on my way to the computer shop to update on my blog (duh?). on the way, i heard this scream and saw people looking at one exact direction. what else is here to do but to look at the same way. and there they were, the antagonist and te portagonist of the drama that was happening.

one man (in yellow) was holding another man (in white). the man in yellow seems to be agitated. one scream later, he was stabbing the other violently on the side. how did i see all of this? i stepped down from the jeep. yes, it was dangerous but my journalistic instincts were inevitable.

pero, the fact still remains, takot parin ako. so when the culprit ran (to my direction!), i ran faster. ayoko pang mamatay noh, malapit na ang showing ng Paraisong Parisukat eh. (n_n)/

anyways, there. i have written my post after, like, forever. a lot of things have happened already! and i haven't got the chance to tell it all to you. so for starters:

so there, some of the happenings in my life as of now. stay tuned, there's a hell lot more to come.


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Sunday, November 06, 2005 - 8:34 PM

i saw a falling star last night..

grabeh, i had loads of fun last night.

i had to enrol myself yesterday. i thought i wouldn't be able to make it because i was super late. but my enrollment went well, it barely took me around 10 minutes. anyways, my friends were planning on going to malate, but it was way too early so i decided to go to festival mall (alabang). i met a lot of my friends from my text group. anyways, i'm glad i went there because i got to meet people that i enjoy hanging out with.

tapos, some of us from alabang went to rob's manila to meet up with the rest of the group. kaso, hindi na kami pinapasok ni manong guard. it was only I and arjhay who were allowed to come in, pasara na kasi eh. after non, we went to malate to have fun!

talk about fun, i had loads of 'em last night. i got to get close with my new friends. gosh, words couldn't even express how happy i was. the experience was great. we stayed in kakoii bar up to around 3:30am. then we went straight to baywalk, where we played 'truth or truth' and to some, langit-lupa.

and the best part was, i got to meet someone i really like. as in. ugh.. i hope to see him again.

all in all, it was one of the best night that i ever had. meeting with these group of people really got my spirits up. sobrang saya nila kasama.

i got home at around 8:30am sa bahay kanina. xempre i ate my breakfast muna, then i went snoozing off.

ughh.. classes start tomorrow. goodbye long hours of sleep.
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