Saturday, September 23, 2006 - 2:40 PM

i feel so good pare.

yesterday was the concluding game for the NCAA season 82. San Beda has been denied of beeing the champs for freaking 28 years dude.

i woke up early to get into my Theo class (8am dudes. i know, bummer right?). so there, i didn't even take my breakfast just to make habol the time. i arrived in San Beda circa 8:07am. a little late but better than never diba?

anyway, i didn't get to get into the classroom na kasi people were going out. naturally i asked them what's happening, and they told me there'll be a mass. so okay, a mass instead of my class. fun.

the mass was for the game. yes, i know, it's too much for a freaking game right? i would say that if it were a month or two ago, pero ngayon i don't think that it is too much. i mean, school spirit diba?

so there we were, at gateway as usual. pare i've been in that mall for like 5 out of 7 days of the week. anyway, i was kinda kinakabahan kasi don't have tickets pa. sold out pare. buti nalang miko has a spare ticket pa.

ayon. we went in early sa araneta kasi last time we didn't have seats na.

we were sitting na right? we were talking about the banners of those PCU people. the heck pare! it was like so bellow the belt! pang-squatters talaga dude. i mean, how rude could you get? can't you put a little int in your insults?

what i hated the most was the banner that said 'GOD SHUTS THE MOUTH OF THE LION'.

pare diba? if you're going to insult someone, don't put God's name in it. and they call themselves the Philippine CHRISTIAN University.

so there, i was really getting angry na nga. i was making insults to them na din. i was saying that they threw coins at us last game. and they say kami daw yun? as if diba? as if we have coins or something. haha. kidding lang mga dude, i'm just freaking f-ed up with the whole thing.

even before the game started, the two schools were pretty heated up na. i mean, what with the PCU people and their crude banners and all. there was cheering and jeering everywhere.

one thing that annoyed me was there was this one spy from PCU sa likod namin. as if diba? i still went and made my comments to them. kakainis. he called this one other guy for back-up siguro. duh? dalawa lang kayo bro, and dami namin dito. wag nang umasa.

i was on my feet all the throughout the game pare. i mean, it was pretty exciting kasi. most of the game, the Red Lions made tambak to the Dolphins. pero they made habol to us.

17 seconds nalang pare and it was their shot pa. 1 point lang ang lead namin. shet dudes. i didn't know how they did it. some of the ref's calls where off kasi. nakakainis pa nga yung isang player who made batok to us. it's a basketball game, not a street fight.

anyway, the last shot of the PCU people didn't come in. and at long last, after 28 years, the Bedans have the championship again. i was really happy. i could kiss and hug anyone near me, pero siyempre i didn't do it diba? unethical pare. you know what i mean.

and what comes after the success? party pare!

San Beda had this party in Mendiola where they invited bands to play for us. it was really fun. i banged my head to Parokya's songs. feels really good after being nerve-wracked. i didn't even care kahit i was dripping with sweat na.

the fun thing was when we went outside of Beda, there were all these alumni around. ang fun pare, we drank a little with them. it was great. i feel welcomed by the Bedan community. the school's spirit is really getting in to me.

i really am liking Beda already.

ayon, i was a little tipsy kaya i took the cab home nalang.

till here muna mga dudes. i'm off for a late lunch.

ciao pare.
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Thursday, September 07, 2006 - 8:02 PM

go San Beda fight three times (pare)!

we were like in araneta center cubao yesterday to watch this big game of Beda against Letran. i was still in my corporate attire. i wanted to buy a shirt pero i don't have enough bucks na kasi i bought tickets pa.

we went to alimall muna to eat at tokyo tokyo's. i know it's in the vicinity pero i never really went there. ang layo pala nun sa gateway. sana we took a cab nalang kasi it was like sobrang mainit that day. as in uber init.

after eating we went to araneta na. ang haba ng pila dude. so this is really a big game huh?

ayon. we went in the wrong side at first, i mean, the people there were like wearing blue so we assumed na there were letranites. umalis kami kasi baka they would make kuyog to all of us. scary. we made our way to OUR side. miko kept on sayin 'ayan, mga letranista yan! SAMBEDANS tayo!' i was making takot na kasi baka nga we get into a fight. pero we made it without being hit by people naman.

UMPA UMPA times two
letran drew first blood kasi they like scored first. my hopes were still high, pero as the game went on parang i am losing hope na. pare ten points ba naman ang lamang diba? i wanted to hear the cheer na. it's like an energy boost talaga pare.

the pep squad finally made tugtog na the cheer and everybody made sali. it has a great effect on us kasi nga Beda was like losing na.

sa fourth quarter naging uber ganda ng game.. well, for the Bedans.

kasi nga we were like coming back into the game. soon we made overtake na the score of Letran. i was on my feet, shouting my lungs off na nga eh. i imagine how weird i look like in my clothes. i didn't care na because i was so like happy already. the heck diba?

ayon, beda won against letran. woot pare! joy!

anyway, peace tayo mga letranites. sana walang away.

and i'm really not like this when i speak dudes. i just got a hang over on being conyo, pero i'm not talaga.

swear pare.
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Monday, September 04, 2006 - 9:47 AM

minsan sadyang nagiging bobo ang mga tao.

kanina, habang papunta sa aking iskwela (San Beda Manila), ako'y nakatulog sa may lrt2. ang huling istasyon na nakita ko ay v.mapa. wala akong kalaban-laban. mabuti nalang ang binili kong ticket ay ang papuntang recto (mahaba ang pila sa papuntang legarda).


ayon. mapapansin mong naka-sulat ang iyong binabasa sa wikang pilipino. wala lang. trip ko lang.

kahapon, pumunta ako sa CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines, na ipinag-tanong ko pa ang ibig sabihin) complex para sa 'Project Jerusalem'. hindi ko alam kung ano talaga ang halaga noon sa buhay ko subalit pumunta parin ako kasi kailangan daw.

nag-taxi ako papunta doon mula San Beda, dala-dala ang dalawa ko pang kasamahan na pinilit ko lang sumama nang walang kalaban-laban. pag-dating namin, aba! andaming tao! (gulat faces)


it turns out na this so-called 'project jerusalem' is a shoot for this video na hindi naman namin mawa-watch. it will be shown in England kasi, so it was so kakaninis pero we couldn't do anything na so the three of us stayed nalang.

we were like flabbergasted by how konti the bedans there were, as in mega few lang. actually four lang kami na pumunta, kaming tatlo and the one who made us punta there in ccp. pero it was okay naman. the taxi ride was reimbursed naman din kasi, and we found out that there will be bayad for the participants. and besides, it will be a major jahe if i went back to rizal pa without doing anything diba?

so there we were, looking at the other people. like, parang they know each other kasi they keep on talking in groups eh. then some guy with an uber lalim boses said that we will be starting na so we went in line. pero the line was so tagal so i sat nalang, the heck with the people thinking that the floor was madumi. i am pagod so there. then this one guy kept on like looking at me, maybe because i was sitting sa floor nga. the heck diba?

finally the line made usog na so i had to stand. we went inside and i got to sit with bosconians. i had to talk to them nga kasi i was getting bored. i made friends with this gilbert guy.

ayun. it was so jahe, the shoot. kasi what we all did was just repeat the voice of a recording. eeh puro sigaw lang yun. ewwness. pero wala na ko magagawa. it was nakaka-pagod kasi nga one take runs for 20mins straight.

i made friends nalang to the people around me. kaso i didn't get their numbers kasi bawal ang cellphone. sayang kasi they were happy people pa naman.


so there. tiring but quite fun.

next week i'll be in the mall of asia for another shoot.
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