Tuesday, June 12, 2007 - 8:52 AM

red lighter

i have been very busy lately. by choice maybe. to keep things out of my head i load my mind up with tons of work.

they say you have forgotten about it when you can start writing about it. you got over. something like that. but i guess i haven't really forgotten about what happened-i mean-no one really forgets. you just learned how to live with it, like i did. and living with it ain't easy at first.

haha. this thing is starting to sound like a voice over for some movie. anyway, at first i felt really broken. broken bones and ligaments, but much more painful.

i cried. yes i did. in the office. at the mall. drinking coffee. laughing. at bed. oh i did cry. but soon i realized that crying won't do me any good. the melodramatic me. tsk.

i went out with friends. haha. i love my friends. always there when you need 'em. specially that suicidal panda. ack. i love you.

i went out alone. like this one time when i watched Pirates 3 at Gateway's. haha. loner. last full show and when the movie was done i thought that the night was to young, i can't go home yet. so took a walk. i wanted to drink but i didn't have anybody to drink with.


i went to this bar where you can drink and dance, but i wasn't in the mood for dance, just drink.


did i want to get laid that i night? nope. i just wanted to drink hte hell out of me and go home and sleep like i never did before. i went back to this drinking place (my friends brought me there twice already). it wasn't really nifty and all, but it was ok. i ordered my bottles and started my session.


two bottles in. a bit boozed. i wanted to light my remaining stick. walang lighter. nyemas. so i had to come up to this guy drinking alone and ask for a light. and it was given.

haha. that light showed this guys face. hmm.. cute, i thought.

throughout the night it was him that i was looking at. was he waiting for someone?

he was. i know cause i talked to him. how? very chhesy but i sent him a beer before leaving, to say thanks for the light. plus i left a note, just in case.

haha. i really couldn't believe that i could do that. i see it work a lot of times in the movies.

let's see what happens.

all of this just because of that red lighter.
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