Sunday, September 28, 2008 - 3:27 PM

from twilight till breaking dawn


okay okay, i'm a little excited bout this. i just finished reading breaking dawn, last of the twilight series. and i tell you. it ROCKS!

now i know a lot of you might not like it pag nakwento ako ng mga mangyayari, so ima make it as simple as possible.

in a nutshell, the twilight series is about Bella and Edward. or i should say it is about their love for each other. they went through a lot to fight for their love. ooh oooh, did i mention Bella is human and Edward is a vampire? kewl right? ΓΌ

stephenie meyer writes simply. and no, simple ain't bad. the book is easy to understand and that's a plus plus, lalo na kasi it has a lot of action and you wouldn't want to pause n the middle of everything to get the dictionary and look for a word. the way she creates a picture in your head might sometimes be a little too detailed. but it ain't entirely a bad thing. i think the story line makes up for everything. gawd, you just can't put the book down. if you were able to, am sure you're dying to get hold of it soon.

all the action was great, but the book also makes you kilig. sobra. and it's kinda weird kasi kinikilig ka sa lovestory ng vampire and a human girl. but i swear, napapa-yikeeee ako ng malakas all by myself nung binabasa ko yung mga libro. mas maiintindihan mo ata yung libre kung nakapagmahal ka na ng tunay. oo keso, but it's true. mas masasaktan ka at mas matutuwa ka sa libro pag na-inlove ka na.

syempre, my favorite of the four books (twilight, new moon, eclipse, breaking dawn) is the last installment. uber exciting. and it was such a thrill nung malapit na sa reunion part. lol. but i also like new moon. nakakakilig masyado. hehe.

anyway, i don't have enough words to tell you how good it is. the ending is one of the better ones i've read. parang it's the best nga eh. di kasi masyadong nakakabitin. i was satisfied nung natapos na yung book.

ending ko? eto gusto kong maging vampire.

ayun. so guys, am telling you. go read that dang book. uber ganda.

and for the people who've read the book na, pag naging vampire ka, what extra powers will you have and why? lol. :)

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Thursday, September 04, 2008 - 12:02 PM


kanina pag-uwi ko, dumaan ako sa building nya. tumingin ako sa 9th floor.

naisip ko lang.... di ko ata kayang balang araw hangang tingin nalang ako.

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