Tuesday, December 15, 2009 - 12:36 PM

of shooting stars and green tea

yesterday, i manned our computer shop. my dad usually mans the shop, wala kasi kaming mahanap na trustworthy na bantay. but yesterday my dad had to go somewhere to buy something and he asked me to do the work. so i said yes, kasi wala naman akong magagawa about it.

anyway, wala naman masyadong kinalaman yun sa sasabihin ko sa inyo. intro palang yun. hehe.

there i was, sitting patiently by the main computer, thinking about how i'd love to eat some ice cream and oreos and pancakes when my friend An Konim (a.k.a. baby boy) texted me that our other friends Cai Dumandal and Sarah Lacanienta wanted to have a tea party. LOL. tea party daw. haha.

before, when the four of us meet, we drink The Bar while playing card games. The Bar with iced tea. The Bar with soda. then we thought we ought to change our ways and drink less kaya kape naman tinira namin. kapeng barako and hazelnut coffee. this went on for a long time.

siguro naisip nila masama parin sa katawan ang kape kaya they want to drink tea instead. ok lang naman sakin. pauwi na din naman ako. and i thought to myself i won't stay for long, just in case my dad wants me to man the shop again.

i closed the shop just before it hit 12am. i went home to get a jacket (it was coooold outside) and am off to meet my friend.

nung una parang nung dati lang, except we're having tea. naisip namin tumatanda na nga kami. ano kaya titirahin namin by next year, nganga? anyway, we were playing cards when baby boy saw something in the sky. shooting star daw. sabi namin, ulol. guniguni mo lang yun.

pero dahil baby boy nga sya, di parin napigilan at lumabas para tumingin sa stars. and what do you know, may shooting star nga daw. shooting stars. mukhang may meteor shower daw.

dali-dali kaming lumabas nila cai at sarah to watch. we waited for a while, laughing and making fun of each other. and there it was, like an invisible giant pen slashed its luminescent ink in the sky, a shooting star.

manghang-mangha na ko sa isang shooting star. pero shortly after the first (and as it turned out, the brightest) one, may mga sumunod pa. we were mesmerized.

kumuha na ng banig si baby boy so we could all lie down and just watch. we watched till we had our fill. we went back to the nipa hut quite elated. we just witnessed a meteor shower. and even if my wishes don't come true (oh but i do hope they do), it was still magical.

we played a few more games and i lost a little here and there. and if i were to man the shop the following day (and yes, i am manning the shop today), kahit wala ako masyadong tulog, ok lang.

nakakita naman ako ng shooting stars.
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Tuesday, December 01, 2009 - 12:06 PM


after a very long time, we received word from my mum.

now, to give you an idea why this is a ig deal, let me tell you a short story about my family.

my parents have been separated for around 10 years now. my dad lives with someone else now, somewhere in angono. at least nagkikita kami once in a while. i now have 5 siblings, 2 girls and a baby boy.

i don't know what happened to my mum. last time i saw her, high school pa ko nun.

i live with my lola.

but that doesn't really matter. i don't care about my mum anymore. you might think that's a very mean thing to say, but i have my reasons like her drug abuse and all that.

anyway, this morning we received a summons from her. well, actually, para sa dad ko yun. she's petitioning that their marriage be annulled.

ok lang naman sakin eh. as in, ok lang. kaso may mga nakalagay sa petition nya na maling information.

item number 4 on her petition says, "That as a result of their love, affection and mariage together, they were blessed wth three children namely. ANGELO GABRIEL CARAON (me), ANTHONY FRANCIS CARAON and AILEEN CARAON, who are now all of legal ages and married but their residences and whereabouts are unknown and can no longer be located;

in item number 5, "...her husband Reynaldo B. Caraon...left and abandoned the former (mum) in 1997;

this clearly shows na walang kamalay-malay i mum about us, her kids. ok, francis and i are of legal age, but we are not married yet. aileen is 14. siyempre di pa siya kasal. i mean, we don't want her money and all. but this is blatantly telling us that she doesn't care about us at all. and hello, this petition went to our house, di niya kami ma-locate?

and please, my dad did not just leave her. ang pagkakatanda ko, she left. but if my dad was the one who left, well , madaming mga dahilan talaga na makakapag-provoke nun. isa dun yung pagpapa-rehab namin sa kanya. twice. di gumana. isa palang yun.

i have to admit, i was a little surprised. i didn't think my mum had the wits to do something like this. oh well.

may my parents live a happy, annulled life soon.
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