Saturday, April 23, 2005 - 10:02 PM


yesterday was a day to be remembered.

i was really concerned, kasi i was really late for our work... well, later than usual that is. i arrived at chowking and i was just about to croos the road and ride the tricycle to Maharlika Hills, pero may narinig akong, 'Angelo, angelo!'. i looked back and saw Brenson waving at me... nasa loob pa pla sila.

pumsok ako, and i saw tina sa isang table, kumakain. cyempre bili din ako, kasi i didn't eat breakfast pa. after our meal, we went to Data Access, dun kmi ngwo-work. i thought eikei was late again, pero it turned out mas nauna pa siya samin. on to bussiness.

karla arrived a few minutes after we did, and so did jansen. eikei and tina were asigned to lay-out for the mag. kmi nila karla, we'll be taking pictures. so sa field na nman kmi...

it was a very long, hot, tiring day. we arrived at data access feeling harassed and wasted. but after we got finished with the mag, nag-celebrate kmi. bumili si karla ng coke at sprite tska nang junkfood. una, inom inom, normal pa. but i heard someone say, 'kung paghaluin kaya natin?'

i was mortified. akala ko ako lng ang medyo buang sa kanila, sila rin pala. syempre join ako. pinaghalo nmn ung coke at sprite. pero it went further than just that. narinig ko si an konim, 'ilagay natin ung Piatos sa drinks ntin. masarap, promise.'

i ws taken abaxk, literally. napa-urong ako. sobrang insane na diba? pero si tina, yung supposed-to-be matino of the group went on and put Piatos in her glass. tpos lahat sila nagsi-sunuran na. ako... ako... i tried it too. ok nman, ok nman ung lasa.

after that, tawanan na kami. parang tinamaan nga kami sa coke na may sprite na may piatos (or in my case, Oishi's Pillows). halakhak, yung tipong hindi ka na makahinga sa katatawa. ganun ang nagyari samin. they were saying na i had the weirdest things to say, pero i didn't mind. hindi ko na rin nman alam kung ano ung nangyari eh. bsta lam ko, weird din sila.

uwian. dadaan kami dun sa matarik na mapuno na daan...minus the sunlight kasi mga 7pm na yun. sonrang nkakatakot, it was almost pitch-black. at first nakuha ko pang magpatawa, pero nung dumating na kami dun sa sobrang dilim. ala na. we were in a line, walking hand-in-hand, singing some praise song. pero i know, there were things there. kaso i didn't want to frighten myself too much kaya i tried not to think about it. but still, i know there was something there. somebody other than us.

we went to this newly opened computer shop (in one piece, thank goodness). we played counter strike, a game na i last layed since i-don't-know-when. pero i must say, i still have that little skill for banging other players with a gun.

yon, it was really fun. we went to jollibee for shakes. after that uwian na. sobrang saya, pero sobrang pagod.

still extra work for me tomorrow. ciao!
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Monday, April 18, 2005 - 2:10 PM

same-old same-old

my tummy's heavy parin...

kasi, i went to meet some of my 'co-workers' for the pot. pero we ended up eating lang sa house ni an konim. corned beef and tuna, at ako ang nag-shred ng onions. (^-^)/

after that, punta na kmi sa school to get our pictures from graduation. di ko nga ata kamukha ung nasa pic ko eh.

yon, nothin much happened nman eh. i'm just waiting for sharie and an konim to go online. rematch daw sa gunbound. (^ ^)/

geh, later.
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Thursday, April 14, 2005 - 5:11 AM

The Pot

today, i started my early training in journalism. he he.. kasi the junior journalists of taytay(JJT) was officially born today. and our newsletter, the Pot(people of taytay), is now being initialized.

we had our brainstorming session a while ago sa data access. then we headed to mcdo for our lunch. dun din sa mcdo na-formulate ung name na potpotpot(people of today, people of tomorrow, people of taytay), the origin of 'the pot'.

we also went to different establishments. they would distribute copies for us, and in exchange, we would put their logos sa newsletter namin. cyempre pakapalan na nman ng face.(^-^)/ so far, our group only got Max's to agree, while others had pending answers.

ahh. i forgot. nadapa ako knina. kasi we (ankonim and i) were racing by foot, when he suddenly changed directions. yun, i fell down...HARD! strange thing was, i was falling face-first but when i did fell, i found myself sitting. hehe..weird ko.(^-^)/

till here then. ciao!
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Monday, April 11, 2005 - 8:08 AM

im 'in'

i was cold, sitting there all alone, staring at blank faces that couldn't tell you anything. walls of blue surrounded me, writings of some strange language were written on my seat. i was waiting for something that would determine my faith as a college student.

'sir, kailangan ba ng bolpen?'

'aba syempre naman!! ibagsak kita jan eh'

a new being came in unarmed, and he paid dearly for hos mistake. i would've laughed, if only i was not in that situation. then it came... i'm finally in.. in sa uste!

okay, cut it with the melodramatic ambience. i nearly got lost on the way to ust. if i didn't think of taking a taxi, i would've ended up in divisoria. hehe...(^-^)/

anyways, after my trip to uste, i went home and got my stuff for our closing party. 3 minutes of packing was all i needed. excited ata ko sa swiming.

as i got to volleygolf, i asked a tricycle driver to bring me to parkridge, the venue. 'don po sa may waiting shayde(shed).' ok ok, i didn't laugh that time. i was really looking forward to mock-drowning some of my classmates. well, i got there in time. they were eating lunch palang.

we swam, we played, we talked, we 'slided', we had fun. and i have no hard feelings whatsoever, even if my ear is currently throbbing with pain. pinasukan ata ng water. (^-^)/

i went home feeling happy. love you 4-saul!!

till here then.
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Friday, April 08, 2005 - 11:44 PM

graduation day

it's official. now you could call us the graduates of TUMCS batch 04-05.

just a few hours from now, i was sitting there. sa harap ng school kasi C ang umpisa ng surname ko. i was thinking kung maiiyak ba ko, kasi it was really starting to sink in. yung feeling na gagraduate na talaga kmi.

anyways, i got through the program without any tears. hehe, i was expecting na maraming iiyak. pero it turned out na knti lng ang mga umiyak.. hmm... bat kaya??

cguro kasi we got ourselves ready for this occassion, so ready na we've gone beyond the level of tears. and for my i case, i know i would be seeing some of my friends pa kasi we would be working on the newspaper for taytay. still, i coulldn't help but feel lil lonely and sad. kasi wouldn't be seeing my beloved teachers for a while (good thing or bad?).

tsk, some mixed emotions i've got. till here nlang muna.
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