Tuesday, October 31, 2006 - 9:41 PM

it's been five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes since i've last posted something on this blog.

of course, i'm exaggerating.

i have been away for so long that i don't know where to start. so what i'll do is i'll start with the first thing that popped into my head. PRADA.


my friend and i were texting about something when he sent me this evilish laugh (bwahahaha). so sinabi ko sa kanya that it was so like a devil and he said that he is one. i cracked this joke that he must wear PRADA because he's a devil and he replied with 'haha, it comes in all shapes and sizes.' i replied with 'what, PRADA?' and he said 'no, waffles'.

and then it hit me. waffles really DO come in all shapes and sizes. think about it.


i bullied my dad into giving me his old phone, since it has been ages since i had a new phone. walain daw kasi ako (which is true), but i finally convinced dad to give me a damn colored phone. so he did. all along i was thinking it was a 3220. i'm stupid with units. puro numbers. yung friend ko pa yung nagsabi sakin na it was a 3230i. the heck with it. kaya pala hindi gumana yung settings ko for MMS.

pede na toh for now. pag hindi ko sya nawala for 6 months wala na yung curse sakin na mawawala ko mga phones ko forever.

my brother loves HALE so much. he uses my phone just to listen to their songs which i didn't even download myself. he watches Myx and MTV hoping to hear their new song Waltz. at parang magic, he almost always catches the song on air. it goes something like.. 'the most frigid girl, something something..'. it drives me nuts.

i hate HALE.

i hate them because they are so damn good. argh!


my friend ruth celebrated her 18th birthday last night. that means food and a chance to catch up with my high school friends. and it was a blast.

my friends said that i changed a lot. haha. maybe because i know a lot about myself na. pero the thing is, i changed a lot pero the clothes i was wearing was so high school pa. pano, dapat kasi light blue yung isusuot so i had to wear that old polo and shirt i considered dead in the closet. dapat kasi i'll be wearing this dark blue shirt nalang pero i didn't para hindi naman ako pasaway.

i should've went with my gutt feeling. i blended with the whole room. para akong chameleon or something. eek. ayus lang, so did the other twenty or so attendees. woo. chameleon party.


that's about it for now. my battery's dead. hope i come back within the week para asteeg. haha.

catch yah.
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Wednesday, October 11, 2006 - 10:35 PM

wow, it has been soooooo long since i've last updated.

anyways, here i go.

my friends and i were having the usual talk by the corridor when the topic came into 'exes'. i said that what i hate the most is when a guy starts talking about his ex. it just ticks me off! specially when a guy starts COMPARING you to his ex. argh! don't you agree? i mean, it must be implied as a rule.

'Though shall not talk about his or her ex when talking to either your current bf/gf or to someone you're making porma to.'

em said that her boyfriend's ate said that her house was far from theirs. i pointed out that she and her bf at least live in the same are (rizal). then marla said sila nga ni edrick eh, marikina to manila pa. then it started.

'eh ako nga dati sa davao eh!'

'eh ako nga dati sa US eh.'

'eh ako nga dati sa venus eh!!'

'eh kami nga dati sa pluto eh.'

'hindi na kaya planet ang pluto.'

'oo nga, ex planet.'

then i got this silly idea. pluto is an ex planet. therefore it is where all the exes live. har. corny.

about my day.. let's not even talk about it. badtrip lang.

uhm.. what? ah.. right.. hindi na ako konyo ngayon?

i'm not in the mood eh. maybe next time.

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