Saturday, February 26, 2005 - 9:10 PM

of films and other stuff

im dead tired and i can't help it if i fall down and sleep...

anyways, i watched another movie on dvd today.. the incredibles.

hey, it's totally fun to watch it. 'tis about a family of super heroes (supers), with a trying-hard-to-get-back-to-bussiness-but-retired super strong father, a stay-away-from-using-your-powers mommy, and three naughty little kids.

strange huh? but take away the fact that they could do abnormally cool things, they are still like normal families. they have fights, mga tampururots, and other family stuff(shallow or not) that we encounter EVERY_SINGLE_DAY.

then i thought of something... what if my family had super powers? *bell rings* hey! then there'd be super chaos every other day! my brother would be throwing hot fireballs at my radioactive sister while my super strong father would be chasing around and trying to catch my other sisters, one who runs fast, and another who could teleport. me, i'll just be watching them up above because i'm psychic(or psycho). (^-^)/

what if all the families had powers?? imagine the whole society fall into pieces... *shivers*

speaking of films, my second film will be out on monday.

well, it's not exactly for the public. actually it's a project for social studies. it's a documentary about the kinds of money. we had so much fun while we were shooting it at the mall! some people even think we're on chikiting patrol or something. (~_~)/

but still ,the hardest part of it wa the editting. took a lot from me, that one.

what? you're asking what was my 1st film? it's another project, for english nman. it's our own rendition of 'don quixote de la mancha' where i was to play as the stupid goof don quixote. my classmates had a roar of laughter when they saw that film(i still feel the humiliation), but it was all for good fun.

hey, that's all for now. i'll keep you posted, i have to finish this dreadful investigatory.

ow, did i mention that i'm dead tired??
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Tuesday, February 22, 2005 - 5:11 AM


it's been what? 5 days?

anyways, now i've finally found time to blog(yay!). i've been totally busy for the past week. so, to let you in on some of the things i've been busy with, i would like to present to you...

a series of very unfortunate events
things from the foundation week

event 1:game,set,match, and lost...
i really, really like playing volleyball. everybody in school knows that. and i've sorta established a name for myself, thank you very much(humble grin).

well, the last game i've played in didn't really turned out so good...well, to tell you the truth, it went totally abysmal.

the game.
we were to have 4 games in all. as calculated, we won the first three games. and the deciding and final match we have to play was one with a team that also had winning streaks, not to mention a superb setter and spiker. pero i was quite cool with it, kasi 4 naman ung varsity players sa team nmin.

set 1.
we had to play on the court that was facing the sun, so medyo mhirap. pero we won the set nman, nevertheless, with the help of everybody, and my ace spike services(hehehe..pero it's true). i got about 8 points on that set, just with my services.(^-^)/ change court!

set 2.
i would love to be mvp, and i know i was in the running for the position(or so they say). enter our captainball. you know what she did? she didn't let me in the start of the set! here's my theory: she doesn't want me to be the mvp, wanted to get the award to herself. couildn't blame her for that...

so there was our team, slowly losing to our foe. in the end she had to let me in, pero it was too late na. the other team was leading by 6 points and was just 6 points from winning. i did what i can, pero all i could manage was to cut the lead by half. set lost.

final set.
tragic. that would probably best describe this game. mga bakaw, mga errors, yun siguro ang ngpatalo samin. we lost, with the winning team having a lead of 11 points!!! aaargghh!!

after that, i went back to my refereeing duties(i refereed most of the games). at least something good came out of this, i got to have more friends from all the year levels. it's quite good to hear a 'hi kuya angelo' here and there.(^-^)/

event 2:go seniors!!..?
you know the c.a.t practices i've been rambling about? well, we performed it na. we were quite happy with the performance, the privates did better in the actual act than in the practice sessions. good for us...

here's the catch. you see, when we were still juniors, we kinda made pa-uso in our school the kind of cheering you would see in a cheerdance competition. well, this years juniors literally copied that 'patented' style, from the moves and even to the positioning. to make things worst, the juniors won it.

kakainis, ung mga practice pra sa field demo na 'to...pero ok lng. prang they won na rin beacause of us. sbi nga nila quote'imitation is the highest way of showing flattery'. en quote.

event 3: party-pooper
it was supposed to be a valentine's party. you know, fun, food, mushy music, slow dance, mushy people. get the picture? well, our prefect of discipline(p.o.d) thought otherwise. he put a stop into our 'romantic' mood by saying a little pep talk on stage... something about no slow dancing and no dancing with your likables...he sooooo misunderstood us.(*pout*)

i was excited that i would perform for the school again. nadine(my duet buddy) boji(guitar extra-ordinare) and i got our rendition of cruisin practiced. the harmony was good, the timing was impeccable... i helped the student council with the party. nag-effort ako.. but here comes mr. hey-you-stop-being-happy-because-we're-still-in-school-and-there-still-are-rules-an-i'm-the-p.o.d! yadah yadah. aaarrgghh!!!

a total mess. the party was a total mess. the students were expecting to have fun, they were not ready to take yet another boring spirit-killing speech from our beloved p.o.d. so they all went home without even waiting for the council to dismiss them. and there we i was, holding the massive cooler on one hand, and the lights stand on the other. ung porma ko sira na. badtrip.

so there you have it, my series of unfortunate events. all happened back to back to back.

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Sunday, February 13, 2005 - 9:56 PM

silent rebel-the revealing

you! you don't like hearing rumors about you, right? you get angry when people start talking about you behind your backs. you say that doing this is wrong...but you enjoy doing this to US don't you? you like talking about us behind OUR backs.

you know what? i'd like to write about the YOUR unfair ways and discriminating judgement! i'd like to point out every uncanny little things YOU do to make our lives miserable! how you tell us not to be 'plastic', not to talk about you while you're not looking, how to say the things we want to say to the person we don't like...while you do it every-single-day! how dispicable! how pathetic!

YOU should be the ones who'd help us, you should be happy for us if we're doing good in our studies...but NO! YOU wouldn't want us to know more than YOU do, won't you? you try every dirty little tactic under your sleeves to pull us down! you've got us under your hands...for now, that is.

you are rotten, from the inside-out. you pretend that you're such a good citizen, that you're flawless, that your PERFECT. you have every right to put us down because you know MORE, that you're older. and we don't have a a say in this? what do you think we are? Stupid or something?

i fell for your fake smiles before, and most of us you've fooled. but now, some of us have opened our eyes. and i asure you, i'd do anything just to let others know about you.

i know what you're up to. you make it look like it's all our fault, but in reality, you are the one's who started this.

so, sit back and relax(NOT) while i plan for YOUR downfall.

who would have thought? playing with fire is so much fun...

watch out...
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- 8:20 PM

unfair funfair

yes, sir, yes...

wait..strike that, flip it and reverse it...

haaayy nako... yesterday, we had yet another day of practice for the up and comming field demo. being in charge of a lot of people could really get under your skin.

pero i was quite glad of what had happened kahapon. the privates are finally taking things seriously, nkita kc nila na ung lower years plaging ngpraraktis e. yun, inayos na nila.

tiring. that would best describe that day. we officer's had to supervise the practice, then there's our own practice(you know, sword drills and all). and for S1's (that's you nadine) and my case, there's managing the canteen(officers turned entrepreneurs??).

we practiced until around 6pm. then off i went to the mall to buy me the book we had to read for Filipino class(laro sa baga)..

to all the seniors, we still rock!
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Tuesday, February 08, 2005 - 1:27 AM

recurring nightmares

i still see them..
now clearer than before...
they're all coming back...

all my bad dreams are coming back now, now when all i can feel is emptiness and heartaches... i can't handle them anymore...i don't want to see her , she'll make everything else so complicated. why now? you didn't seem to care for the past 8 years! now you come and pretend that nothing's ever wrong, that you didn't ruin our lives, that every single bruise that you've sculpted in my life really didn't exist!

i'm not dumb, i'm not a kid anymore! i won't be lured into your trap again... i don't like it there, it's dark and cold. when you left us i was all sad and lost and i thought i would never ever be happy again... but as i look back, i see that you made all of our lives like living hells! i can smile now, i have my friends...

you're not important anymore...
who are you anyway?

your just my mother...just another nightmare...
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Monday, February 07, 2005 - 11:14 PM

grades came out last week, and guess what? my ranking catapulted 15 places down!!! arrgh!! this totally put me on the verge of sanity!! jeeezz, i didn't expect this to happen, from 20th to 35th!! kasi nman comulative pa ung grading system nmin eh!

anyways, enough about grades, C.A.T practices are starting to get better... at least better than before. pero mga officers konti plang ngagawa, tsk tsk tsk... hehe, sowee nga pla sa mga privates kng sumasakit mga muscles nyo!

i'm really getting jumpy and fidgety! kasi nman parang papatayin na kmi ng mga teachers nmin sa sobrang workload na binigay smin...

one more thing, lots of our teacher's are really getting into my nerves! if i lost my composure back then, i'd have been kicked out of the school for giving them teachers a hard hit on the face!! buti nlang there's always paper and pen...(saksakin sa leeg tpos ibalot sa papel?) nah, just write some poems bout those nasty critters and my mood would lighten up a bit...

guess what? i did 3 poems that day...sheeesh.

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Thursday, February 03, 2005 - 7:58 PM

just taking it all in..before it's too late..

today was a total blast! we had our pictorials , and everyone's all excited to pose in front of the camera.

all my classmates were totally psyched up! some of us came with our make-up on, some opted to put it later. i have to say that the girls of 4-saul look exceptionally pretty today(hindi nakakasawang tignan! lalo na si ems! muka ka ng girl! hehe..) and we guys looked like we were posing for a magazine! asteeegg!!

my experience with the photographer was quite fun. i made up lots of faces for the camera... (yuck! feeling star daw ba? hehe...) pero there was this assistant who kept adjusting my face(yes, my face. as in hinawakan nya ung muka ko tpos pnihit sa camera..aarrgghh!). she was totally annoying!

syempre meron kming sariling camera! more pictures for me. yay! (^-^)/ all in all, i'd say the pictorial was a success(thanks to my make-up artists marga,patty,celica, and rosa! labsyah!)

then me and my friends headed for martin's house para sa libreng chibog!(happy boday martin!) this was the start of the real fun...

while eating(spaghetti..yum!), we talked and shared some funny stories 'bout school, us, and most especially...teachers. (wakekekeke, si miss ner, wahehehe!). nilibot din nmin ung crib ni martin, then we talked some more. 5:30pm, we started walking home...

the journey was long, pero dahil kasama ko barkada ko hindi me na-bore, ndi nga me npagod eh! kaso parang npagkamalan ata kming mga addict o kya mga baliw eh... kasi we were *heh hem*, 'laughing all the waeeeiiyy!' hehe (~_~)/ sabi nila dumaan muna kmi kna popo, pero si naynay tsaka si popo parang may...hmmm...

anyways, msaya prin kming umuwi, despite the fact na mraming aso and aso-droppings on the road... then we took the tricycle, where tina happily threathened my life! itulak da ako... buti malakas kapit ko! kakainis!(i'll get you be careful, be VERY careful.. hehe).

lots of laughter and smiles... kahit si nadine and tina sumasama na sa mga lakad nmin... ksi cguro we all know that we have just a little time left, and we must have as much fun as possible with each other...while we still can...

'time, please be my friend... please slow things down a bit...just for a while...'

"no! ayoko nga, wla ng sched pra sa ka-ekekan mo!"

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- 7:05 PM

life... so hard...


yesterday, my father was rushed to the hospital because he collapsed at work. i was in school then, reading a book while the others listened to the message of the pastor(hindi ko nman marinig eh, sira ung system...). suddenly someone called me and sent me to see ate maying, and if ate maying was involved, something big came up.

i thought i was just to be 'disciplined' again... kala ko sasabihan na nman ako na wag ma-late... pero i was wrong. lola was there, and she told me everything...

10minutes later i was off packing my school things. i was allowed to go to the hospital. there, i saw my dad, looking pale and sick. the doctor said he had high-blood or something...

it was all my fault... i had given my father too much things to think about... i was selfish... but still, i think i was right...

my dad's ok now... but my conscience is not...

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- 4:00 AM

'the outcast'

wanted to belong here...

but something felt so wrong here...

singing is one of my passions, aside from volleyball and badminton, so i tried out for the choir in churh, having been a member of the glee club in grade school...

NOTE:Catholic Church.

yes. my family has always been catholics, but as i grew up in a methodist school, i barely knew the songs and prayers of these people. so when i was accepted(i am a bass singer), i found out that i was to sing the next morning ALREADY. i thought nman na all we would sing was the songs we practiced that night... excited pa nga ako eh. but i found out that there are songs that we, choir members, supposedly memorized by heart.

i was so shy about what i was doing! parang i was in an alien world and the songs were languages i couldn't muster... or is it the other way around? was i treated as the alien, the outcast? sure, i was with the choir when we shopped for breakfast, when we cooked our pinamalenke's, but to them i was a totally different specimen...

my passion for music would never die, but with this, i think it faltered a little...

so i prayed...

i could breakaway...

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Tuesday, February 01, 2005 - 11:47 PM

too much..can't handle...


I can't believe this... I had completely lost time to blog...

Anyways, I'll try and put in as much as I can on what happened to me the passed few days...

Jan. 27

It's the first day of our 'CAREER GUIDANCE PROGRAMME' (applause). No classes for me, but I have to attend and listen to some schools (some? Try using 'myriads'!) Those are supposedly giving us a 'better view of what the college life has'... and try to manipulate us into enrolling ourselves in their school. Hah! Caught you there huh? (^-^)/

Pero there were schools who actually got me thinking... parang maganda kasi sa school nila...

Jan. 28 (the tour)

'Yay! Away from school at last!!'

Not! Well, in a way I had some time away from school... get this, we had our 'campus tour' and went around the U-belt to try to habituate ourselves when we get into college. This, of course, is part of the 'career guidance program'...

FEU-East Asia. We were expecting an entrance exam, not a boring program... we had to endure one...two...three...or more hours of unbearably mind-numbing words from speakers that tried to make us enroll into a computer-based course. I wanted to do that, actually, but their speech made me think otherwise (b-o-r-i-n-g)...

At long last, we went to our next destination... GMA7 (kapuso!!). We were to watch 'mel&joey' and that required us to be in yellows and reds.

Yellow. I was wearing a yellow t-shirt (all FEU examinees had to, it's red for the non-takers). We waited for such a long time! And unfortunately, I forgot to bring lunch... initiate 'Operation Buraot'! heheh... I got to eat on the bus (thanks Ems! You're a lifesaver!), but a chicken and some rice ain't enough for a growing kid! (^-^)/ Enter the free food (and drinks mind you!). GMA7 gave free food to the people who watched their shows on the studio. I accepted. It was a meal of embotido (talaga? Parang giniling-na-pinatigas-muna-tapos-niluto-tapos-dinisguise-na-embotido) and rice. It was quite okay, judging from what it looked like.

I was totally hungry...

Anyways, I had a lot of fun waving the wavy things for the show. My friends and I kinda made a scene and waved our sticks upside down (and for my case, the 'HINDI' board!). Fun.

Tita Mel looked friendlier on TV...

Jan. 29

Last day of the career program. This time, they invited speakers for different courses. We were broken into small groups (according to our preferred courses) and started the program...

'College is different from blah-blah... UP Manila has more medical yadah-yadah... what do you expect from...?' that was all I understood from our speaker. Funny, you know, considering that she came from a communications-related course. One thing I've learned, no math in journalism! Not that I don't like math, I like algebra and geometry (got good grades), but trigo just ain't for me... or is it the teacher I don't like? (quiet, secret lang toh!) (^_^)/

That's it... well, that's it about the program... more news coming up shortly... got to take a break...
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